05/24/22 | Toby

Kittens love this!

Been a great success. They love to jump up and look out the window. Solid and strong. would recommend


Oasis cat tree

My 4 cats love this. Including my older cat who finds this the right height for her. Plenty of places for them to sit and snooze. I put it in my catio also on good weather days and bring in later. Good value for money.


Snapped column within 6 months

Bought with my points has been wobbling about for months despite me tightening, came in to find it snapped on the floor its just a cardboard tube for the poles, I have 2 kittens!

05/28/21 | Michael

Really good for the price. Recommend.

As any of the cat trees we've had this was ignored in favour of their usual spots. They're creatures of habit. Over time it's been a nice spot to look at the window or play with the feather toy. Its a nice colour and not obtrusive


dangerous and missing parts

dreadful item. This is a very flimsy item. its 2 pieces of mdf and some hardboard . When it arrived the sections of the base were not correctly fixed together and an entire row of sharp double headed staples were protruding out of the fabric and could easily have injured our kittens - in fact they scratched me and drew blood. We did some remedial work on it to make it safe but then found the bolt and cap needed to fix the upper pole was missing,so it was impossible to finish. Total Rubbish

03/28/21 | SMA

Great value

Easy to put together, my kitten took to it straight away, using the scratch posts, platforms and loves the mouse. We placed it on our stairs and my 15 year old cat likes sleeping in the bottom house. She also plays with the mouse when she thinks we aren’t watching!

03/16/21 | Karin


Bought this for my 8 month old kitten. It was an instant hit and she started playing with it straight away. She loves the mouse on the elastic string and sitting on the top shelf.

01/15/21 | Elena

My cat loves it

My cat love it and spend most of the day on it. Well build and sturdy


Poorly made

Not very sturdy and broke while putting it together

01/13/21 | Rowena Willder


Easy to put together Good value for money Looks great, and creates the perfect window perch for bird watching 😃 The platforms are perfectly spaced to create a staircase to the window for my elderly cat

11/22/20 | lez

great value for money

great sturdy post. I would have rated this 5 stars except that the dangly mouse is much shorter than in the picso it doesn't benefit my 2 cats

11/19/20 | Lydia

Really nice

This is a perfect size scratch post/cat tree for my kitten. I wanted a small cat tree that wouldn’t take up too much space and would look nice to go in my flat. The cat tree is very pretty and clean looking and a convenient size for my 3 month old kitten. My kitten loves to just chill on the podiums and loves to play with the little mouse toy on there. Really glad I purchased this product and is great quality and price in comparison to the other cat trees out there.

11/16/20 | Julie Armstrong


Bought this when we got our kitten and he loves it. He’s much bigger now - as big as his big sister - but it’s still a favourite with them both.


British shorthair kitten to cat still using it!

My kitten is a bigger breed of cat and is nearly fully grown now, yet he still likes the lower scratch post, despite trying to encourage him to use the upper scratch post. He’s chewed the corners off the top platform but uses it every day so I don’t understand people saying it’s too small as he’s bigger than a small dog and in the largest carrier I can buy! it probably depends on how playful your cat is and mine still thinks he’s a kitten!

09/19/20 | Kat


Very well-built and sturdy cat tree. The dangly toy gives my kitten lots of joy trying to catch it. The space at the bottom is a great hideaway and area to chill in. Great value for money, highly recommended!


Good for kittens but too small for my cat

Bought this as it had very good reviews - however I would not recommend it for an adult cat. The platforms are very small and my cat cannot use them comfortably. Same goes for the den.

05/04/20 | Ilona

Lovely cat tree

Vey nice and good quality cat tree. Just it was too small for our cat. As i wanted it to be place to sleep as well.

04/23/20 | Amy

Cats love it

My two cats love it ... quick and easy to put together

11/07/19 | Diane

Excellent Cat Tree

I hadn't even unpacked this let alone managed to put it together before my cat was playing with the mouse. She loves to sit on the top perch and unlike other reviews my cat has no problem climbing to the top perch. Not sure how long the mouse will last she loves it that much. Very easy to put together, didn't need instructions , although I did receive some in the packing, took all of 5 minutes. Would definitely recommend. My cat is 11/12 years old and has mild arthritis so perfect for her.

11/01/19 | Linn

Perfect for a kitten

Our kitten loves this cat tree. It's quite small but perfect for a kitten or smaller cat. The quality is decent and it was easy to assemble. The mouse that is attached to the top is of good quality too as it's still intact despite my kitten's constant attempts to rip it to pieces.