06/21/22 | Evie

They only like the Wild Desert (chicken and turkey)

My kittens would leave the two other flavours, think one has veal in, but they do like the Wild Desert with chicken and turkey. I’ll just buy this flavour from now on.
01/13/22 | Adam

Tried several brands, kittens love this!

Tried several brands, my ragdoll kittens loved this the most, always clean bowls.
11/25/21 | marta


The food may be nutritious however it is very dry, there is no jelly or sauce and it is not moist. Neither of my cats want to eat it, and they not fussy eaters.
11/22/21 | Mrs R

Bengal kitten loves it

Have just started using this - was recommended by a breeder. High quality food. My kitten loves it. We mix it with a bit of raw food (purrform). Doesn’t smell strong. Not mushy. Great.
09/30/21 | Giedre

Quality became very bad

Before i used to buy this food , was ok , looked hood smelled nice , my kitten liked it . Not dure what happened now this is the sevond yime i purchased it , when open the can it stinkd and the texture is dofferent , my kitten tried to smell and walked away.

Kitten food

My Maine coone kitten that’s 10 months old doesn’t like this food at all, not happy! Waste of money! Won’t be buying it again!


My babies didn't like this at all. Not as good as the trays-much drier & needs more moisture in it.

Winner from both

My two kittens both absolutely LOVE this wet food and have eaten it for as long as I have had them. It’s got a really fresh, meaty smell, with good texture. Will be trying out the adult wet food from them when they’re old enough
03/16/21 | tamara

agree about bones

There are lots of little tiny sharp bones in this i was very disappointed in it my kitten seemed to like the taste but i noticed after a few mins and had to take it away.
11/25/20 | Trami

Kitten loves it

My kitten really likes this food and I’m happy he does as the ingredients are good. There are visible chunks of meat and offals which I think is a sign of quality. We buy all flavours and didn’t have any issues, keeping it on reorder :)
09/19/20 | Louise

Latest batch smells awful

I bought 12 of these for my two kittens as they enjoyed the trial pack. They won’t go near this lot and I have to admit it smells awful. Maybe badly canned but won’t buy again.

Looks good and gets eaten

My 14 week old kittens seem to like this. It doesn't smell too bad and looks to be dense with meat. I'd researched meat content and seems as good as some of the higher priced options. I've ordered more.
08/13/20 | tom


In the ingredients there is no mention that this contains cooked bones! Tiny sharp bones! It's very dangerous for a kitten!

Very good

Superb quality. Cats love it.
05/18/20 | Chloe

Surprisingly good

Didn’t expect my kitten loves this wet food that much. So happy that I found my kitten’s favourite wet food.
02/27/20 | Meena Patel

Kittens have gone wild

First time trying it and our NFC kittens have gone wild! They're devouring it! Thanks


My 5 month old maine coon kitten LOVES this food. No toilet issues at all and I feel happier knowing I'm feeding her a high meat content, grain free food.

Complete grain free kitten food

My kitten loves this.

Questionable quality

My kitten (6 months) had diarrhoea every time he had this product. I tried a few times by feeding him other brands' to be certain it is the problem with this particular product. (Poor Tom, I am so sorry).
01/13/19 | Emma Taylor

Kitten loves this!

Our 7 month old kitten loves this and so does his big brother who keeps trying to steal it! You can see good chunks of meat in there and I like knowing it’s grain free. Happy cat!

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