Smells sooo bad

Disgusting smell, I hate it but kittens are ok with it.
12/19/20 | Dan B

Kittens favourite food

My little ragdoll kittens loves this more than any other food. Finishes it very quickly everytime.

Wasted my money - cat hated this

My british short hair cat isn't particularly fussy when it comes to trying new foods, but this stuff she doesnt want to go anywhere near..not sure why that is when she really enjoys the other products in the range such as the pieces in gravy
11/16/20 | Ellie

My 6 month kitten didn't like this at all

I bought Royal Canin because the vet gave us some after our kitten had been neutered and he loved it, and he had sort of gone off Whiskas. However, this one has a dense, paste texture and he doesn't really like it (just gives it a sniff and walks off) - I have to add water, heat it up a bit and mix in some jelly food for him to eat it, just so I can get rid of it.
10/31/20 | Yulia

The cat doesn't really like this food.

I'm a bit disappointed with this entire pink range of food pouches the cat doesn't really like them but he will eat them if he's really hungry. I will not buy them again. He does like all the ones with green thought..and I will be buying more of those.
10/01/20 | Diana in London

My Burmese kittens didn't like it

Our 2 4 month old Burmese kittens didn't like this loaf product. They are absolutely fine with both the Royal Canin kitten kibble and the other wet food in gravy. I've tried it on different occasions, but still they don't like or eat it. So just some feedback to others that might wonder which of the 2 kitten wet foods by Royal Canin to order.
08/16/19 | originally published in zooplus.nl

My kittens' favourite food

Mi British Shorthair and my British Longhair find it absolutely delicious! They prefer it to dry food, and even the meat pieces in sauce from Royal Canin. My British Longhair especially is totally amazed by the mousse! A real hit!

Food for baby cats

This is a good product, it definitely keeps my little ones full. The same goes for the other varieties!
05/22/19 | Stephanie Scott

Perfect Portion

Switched from science plan as the chunks were too big and his face was always covered in it. Royal canin is perfect size chunks and easier for my kitten to get a mouthful. Also packets seem to have more in them then science plan even though they both say 85 g
05/16/18 | originally published in zooplus.es

He loves it!

My cat is just 2 months old and I mix this wet food with the veterinary range from Royal Canin. He is eating good. My cat loves this paste, so I will definitely be buying it again.
02/10/18 | originally published in zooplus.ie


My 6 month old kitten loves wet pouches, but usually he was concerned wth licking the gravy off the chunks, which meant he would knock it out of the bowl and waste at least a quarter of every sachet. When I saw this new product I decided to give it a try and the results are in - he loves it and eats 99% of the pack, so no more waste or mess.
02/10/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

Pretty good

It's just a strange brown mass, but my cat seems to like it.
02/01/18 | originally published in zooplus.es

They love it

All of my cats love it, they are super impatient when it comes to feeding time!
02/01/18 | originally published in zooplus.es

Big hit

I haven't met a single cat who doesn't like this food, everyone goes crazy for it

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