02/23/22 | Joan hughes

Kitten gravy

My maine coon is 7 months and enjoys his food a bit too much. Not sure when I need to change to adult food. Would appreciate any recommendations. Product and delivery good. Jo hughes
11/06/21 | Concerned


Not tried these for my kittens yet but it would be a lot better if the satchets went and were replaced with tins. The reason is it very hard to get everything out of the packet and are the packets recyclable ?
04/13/21 | Gosia


I ordered those to change my cat menu. Unfortunately this is not his favorite. He ate those but without any warm feelings. Also it was difficult to take the food out of the pouches. Will not order again.
02/26/21 | Kayley

Picky kitten loves this!

My picky kitten was rejecting everything but loved this food straight away, expensive but worth it so that he finally eats. (Not to be confused with the royal canin kitten in jelly - he hates this one)
12/26/20 | Savannah

Kitten's 2nd favourite

This is my kitten's 2nd favourite food. She's very fussy. I like that it's only 85 g, but it would be much better if it came in cans instead of pouches for environmental and logistic reasons. It's very hard to get all the food out of the pouches. It hurts my heart to use these environmentally unfriendly pouches.

Very good

Great stuff, kitten loves it
08/20/20 | Graeme

All gone

We’ve been using this for a couple of months, my kitten licks the bowl clean after every meal. Must be delicious


Ordered this as I read good reviews about and I wanted to switch my kitten to something better (used to feed her with Felix). Order arrived the next day, but after opening the packaging I discovered that this food has got such an unpleasant smell.... you know when you open wet good(Sheba, Felix), it actually smells like something edible. this on the other hand has got awful smell. Not surprised kitten does not eat so I have wasted £50. Where Zooplus gets this kitten food from.. not original
04/27/19 | Sunny

Not so good

My kitten is 4 months old, tried a few brands and he likes this at first. Problem is the meat is in pellet form which dries out extremely quickly which means alot goes to waste. For the money you pay is this the best option? Not sure Royal canin you need to work on this, also the jelly gets stuck the packaging so hard to get it out
03/05/19 | Mrs s kavanagh

Royal canin kitten food

I have tried a few brands of top brand kitten food but they didn't agree with my kittens tum, so we tried royal canin, my kitten loves it he purrs as he eats it and it's ok on his tum.
12/13/18 | Victoria Trondsen

My kitty loves it!

My kitty has been a fan of this one since the first time she tasted it. She eats all of it in her bowl and licks it clean. She loooves the sauce
11/04/18 | Ricky

Cat not too happy with this food

My cat doesn’t like this one very much... eats a little and then leaves the rest and goes for the dry food. With other brands she leaves the bowl clean...
09/07/18 | Ian Mclean

Great food.

My Maine coon kitten is nine months old, he loves this food as well as the Maine coon kitten dry food.
07/09/18 | Anna

Excellent quality

We originally tried a different brand and because we had the Royal Canin dry food we thought we'd try our kitten on this. She loves it and prefers this to her previous food. Well worth it
04/03/17 | Klaudia

Cats favourite!

My 5 month old Ragdoll kitten wakes me every morning asking for his kitten instinctive pouch :) He loves this food combined with the RC dry kitten food. Would highly recommend!

Saved my underweight kitten!

I rescued a tiny fluffy kitten from some one who was giving away kittens too young as I was worried he'd not be taken care of or he may be used for dog bait, he was underweight. My other kitties are pedigree girls and have always eaten royal canin and have great health and digestion, so I decided that my tiny boy would benefit from it too! Obsidian quickly became healthy being fed on this kitten food, the vet was very impressed with his weight, health and shiny coat on his next check up. He eats every bit and still excitedly runs to the food now months later! I couldn't recommend this kitten food enough, it's fantastic! :) I also feed this to my cat that has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy because of the extra nutrients!
02/10/17 | Mel

Great for sensitive stomachs

My 2 kittens had been under-socialised before I got them and had terrible stress-related diarrhoea. They were on a vet prescribed Royal Canin wet food for their problems until they got better. I was worried about changing them off this but the Royal Canin Instinctive kitten food has been marvellous. They have no stomach problems and love the food. I thought they would get bored with it but months later they still eat every bit. Expensive but no waste.
12/02/16 | Kim C

Persian kitten loves it!

I have a very fussy 5 month old kitten with a very sensitive stomach. She stuck her nose up to all of the hypoallergenic food I could find and was getting very worried she wasn't eating so tried this from other people's reviews. Her appetite is now through the roof! She loves it!
04/22/16 | Nicola Smith & Toshi

Mainecoon kitten loves this

Our 18 week maine coon kitten Toshi loves this food. We got him some felix as a treat as that is what the breeder used to feed him. He walked away from it and demanded this instead. So I guess he is RC for life now!
07/03/15 | eva

amazing recovery

I have a 5 month old maine coon who was rescued from under a truck.when I got her she was very thin.you could see her ribs!!she had a thin coat and dull eyes.she also had missing patches of hair.the vet suggested me to use kitten instinctive in gravy and so from that day I did use it.from then her recovery has been awesome!!she doesn't look like the same cat anymore.she went from a cat with an unhealthy coat and dull eyes to a cat with a fluffy coat and bright eyes!!she has gained weight and now she is perfectly normal weighted.thanks to royal can in kitten instinctive.i really do recommend this product.

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