Something has changed

My kitten used to eat feringa wet food without any problems, when finished the batch, I’ve orderd new batch and thats when the problems appeard, my kitten almost stopped eating, I’ve tried changing the types of feringa as bought 3 different ones but she was not happy with it and most of the food is gettinng binned, waste of money as bought 72 cans that my kitten won’t eat. Now I need to find different wet food for my kitten. I do not recommend.
03/23/22 | EskrimaDiva

Has something changed??

I've been using Feringa for a year and recently I have found the composite/consistency has changed. I did write to Zooplus (as instructed below) to find out whether they are aware of any changes and I didn't get a reply??? I find it weird that some tins my kittens just won't touch. They sniff and walk away, then others they dive in as soon as it hits their bowls. Reading other reviews, there does seem to be general disquiet regarding the quality and usable life after the tin has been opened....
02/22/22 | Tam

Kitten loves the food

Kitten loves the food but the cans on my latest delivery are all dented. Not happy.
01/23/22 | The Bean

Sharp and large bone pieces

This used to be excellent food but now I am finding sharp and large chunks of solid hard bones. If this continues I will be changing food. Sort this out Ferenga it’s dangerous for our kittens.
01/17/22 | Bozena

Good food but too much bones

My two kittens like these turkey cans, I'm waiting for delivery again (I buy this food for 6months) but there are more and more bones, if this delivery has a lot of bones in each can again, I will have to change the food.
12/17/21 | Nataliya

Rocks and bone pieces

I bought this food for my kitten after having had bad experience with wet food by other German brand I also bought from Zooplus. In one of the orange coloured tins (I am not sure of the name, as don’t speak German) when mashing the food I discovered a rock the size of half of my fingernail and 2 pieces of bone. Very poor quality. My kitten has lost a tooth, which could have been caused by these foreign objects in the tins that I might not have discovered earlier.
12/12/21 | Mary

Great but…

Can you please put smaller pieces of potato in a green can? My kitten vomits it every time, it’s too big for him
11/05/21 | Steph Leid

Glossy coat!

This food is great. The best quality high meat content and grain free. My kitten loves it and her coat is so glossy. It smells good too!!
10/27/21 | Eugenie

My kittens love

Great tins for kittens, they love this food and adapted to it very quickly. It is also great to have this food in tins as it can be easily recycled.
10/16/21 | Liv

Amazing Food!

I have a very picky 11 week old kitten, I’ve tried her with whiskas, felix, iams, concept for life and smilla kitten food and she eats a few bites then leaves the food but finally with this food she’s eaten almost 50g in one meal! Happy kitty, happy me :)
10/02/21 | Alex

Something has changed in this product

I have been using the Feringa Kitten packs for several months now. I am using an automatic pet feeder. This food used to last very nicely fresh for 2 days. Now it goes bad after just one day! Even if I use a normal food bowl, if the cats don't finish the food, it will go bad in a few hours. I also noticed when it goes bad this fast it smell absolutely horrendous! I am suspecting a change in formula or composition or even packaging management. I had several times splashing when opening a tin!
09/17/21 | Kiera Lee

Our 6 month old loves it

I was searching online for a high meat content, nutrient rich kitten food when I stumbled upon Feringa. Our kitten had previously been on whiskas pouches when she suddenly stopped eating them. I ordered a trial pack to see how she would get on with them. She loves all 3 flavours! The first day after changing her food, she did have one soft poop. But I didn't gradually introduce her new food, I gave it to her straight away which is known to do that. She has been fine ever since!
09/11/21 | Faraaz

Superb food - no so superb price anymore.

I have a very picky 4-month BSH kitten and he goes absolutely nuts for the Feringa Kitten cans. His breeder has fed him this brand from the get-go and I haven't switched. However, I wish they continued selling the mixed variety because the abrupt price increase and lack of variety is seriously putting me off. The feeding guides for this brand are vague also. I have no idea how much is too much and how much isn't enough, so I often find myself playing it by ear alongside his feeding schedule.
04/25/21 | Maddy

My kitten's favourite is rabbit and chicken!

My Ragdoll kitten's favourite is rabbit followed by chicken and veal. Not a fan of the turkey...
04/08/21 | Anna

Great food, but not happy about the price increase

My kitten absolutely loves this food, but 30% price increase and free delivery starting from the order value of £39 compared to £35 in the past mean that it is no longer affordable so we stopped using Zooplus. We switched to Amazon deliveries and there are plenty of bargains but unfortunately no Feringa. BUT I would definitely switch back to Feringa given the price goes down to the one it was 4 months ago.
03/21/21 | Abdul Hannan

My kitten loves it!

Tried all three flavours she likes Turkey the most so sticking with. High quality actual cat food is what I wanted and this doesn't disappoint!
01/23/21 | Chris

High nutrition kitten food

Our kittens loved this food, although at first were hesitant to eat it. They now come running when they hear the can, and eat everything in their bowl every mealtime. Smell is quite meaty which is both good and bad, smells like corned beef so some might not mind that. The nutrition and meat content of this food is more than anything I could find and even though the price seems to have increased it still isnt too expensive, one 24 pack seems to last a month when you feed a mix of wet and dry food
01/15/21 | LW37

Turkey with catnip a hit

I ordered the Chicken and Veal and the Turkey with Catnip. My two British Shorthairs turned their dainty noses up at the Chicken and Veal and would not eat it for love nor money! However the Turkey with Catnip was a big hit with both of them and one of them gets very excited when I open the tin. I am still unsure as to why they both dislike one but adore the other but hey-ho that's cats for you!
12/29/20 | Rachell

Price increased? Full chicken hearts? I can't buy assorted packs anymore?!

I have been buying this food for the past 4 months. And my kittens love this food. But in the past months I can say that the quality has been decreasing a lot. Recently, in the last batch that I bought, I found full chicken hearts wich I am not sure if it's a good thing or not because I expected everything to have a minced texture. It doesnt give you the chance to buy assorted flavours (so I hope they just runned out of stock) And the price has increased from 20£ to 22£?
12/29/20 | Jaymo

Foul food

I have a multi kitten/cat household and none of them like this food, they only nibble on it a bit and never eat a whole bowl, so it mostly goes to waste. They much prefer the less expensive supermarket brands, you get a lot of people these days who are apparently experts in the quality of food, yet we've had cats for 40 years that were fed on that so called cheap food, yet lived to 20 years old!

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