04/23/21 | Sheena

Our sphynx kitten loves it!

It is our Sphynx kitten’s favorite food! He makes sure that his plate is empty. He chooses between Turkey or Chicken. I think he got bored of his previous food.

Not tasty apparently!

My 7 month old kitten is known for being a little fussy, but I’d heard good things about Hills so decided to buy! She can’t stand it! Licks all the gravy off to let the chunks go dry and gross. I expected better of a more “premium” brand, but fussy knickers turned her nose up. I’ve tried mixing with with dry food, dry food smashed into powder, heating it to body temp, wetting it a little and all combinations of the above. She just WILL Not Eat It.
05/22/19 | Stephanie Scott

Tasty Dish

My kitten really enjoyed science plan, but struggled abit with the big chunks. Comes in two flavours whiwh is great and smell tasty.
12/04/18 | Roman

My kittens favourite

We have tried : Applaws Royal canin Gourmet Shiba Even whiskas But our kittens only enjoyed Hills Couldn't recommend them more

Happy kitten

My cat loves it so much!

Kitten love it!

Good quality kitten food. I buy it together with RC kitten pouches and he loves it.

The gravy gets licked off and meat is left

Like a review below, my kitten licked the gravy off but didn't go back for the meat, just to not waste it, I tried mixing it with his favourite and he just picked out the fave, leaving the Hills. So this gets more than 1 star just based on the gravy being nice!
04/16/12 | Yen

Pretty good, smells quite strong though!

My kitten is quite a lazy eater, he does seem to like this food though. He licks all the gravy off first and then will think about eating the meat! It does smell quite strong and makes my whole house smell if he doesn't eat immediately though. Pretty good overall I would say.
11/30/10 | Chloe

Excellent food

After trying pretty much every dry and wet food that is available for kittens, I have finally settled on Science plan. My kitten has developed sickness and diarrhoea with almost every other food, so would really recommend this as suitable food for kittens with sensitive stomachs.
11/05/10 | Sarah


My kittens like this food - however they lick all the gravy off first and come back for the meaty bits later. If they leave it too long the meaty bits can dry out a bit. To be honest they prefer their Felix, but its not as good quality a food, so they get it on alternate nights. The variety seems to keep them happy.
04/12/09 | Debbie Bennett

They loved it!

I tried this fish pouch when my kitten went off her previous dry food. I mixed in this pouch with the dry food and she ate the whole lot in no time at all. She loves it! Highly recommend.

Great !!!

My 3 Devon Rex kittens love this. i bought this when it was 1/2 price, as my kittens had gone off their previous kitten food, what a change, they loved the gravy, and lapped it up straight away, and then went for all the meat, which is in easy bite sizes. would highly recommend to all !!!

Love It

Really good and appetizing. I breed cats and this a very good food for weaning too!!

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