02/22/22 | MRS KL HALL

Kitten loves it

My British Shorthair kitten came to me with this food. I have continued to use it. My other cats also enjoy it. Its very meaty and alot better quality than your supermarket brands.
02/20/22 | Cindy styles white

Its either the food or my fussy kittens?

I like to buy decent meat for my kittens , tinned or raw. Sadly this didn't fit the bill.. After a day both my kittens weren't interested and it's been difficult to get them to eat it.
10/29/21 | Samantha Cook

My babies love it

Tried this for my two kitten Maine Coons and the boys love it. They can not get enough of it. They scream at me while I’m opening the tin. Can’t eat it quick enough.
05/19/21 | Avril Young

Kitten pate

I have used the kitten pate to wean my foster babies before ,so ordered some in ready for the incoming arrivals what a difference its hard and solid nothing like it was before so couldnt feed it had to go back to royal canin the normal kitten one seems fine
04/23/21 | Louisa

Not consistent, bring back the old recipe

My kitten absolutely loves the rabbit flavour (green tin). Sometimes when we order the recipe is different. My kitten loved the food when it was slightly darker in colour and the flavour and smell was more rich. The recent batch I’ve ordered is much paler in colour and doesn’t have much of a smell and seems drier. My kitten won’t go anywhere near the new recipe, he just smells it and walks off :-(

Finally a food my kitten is liking.

My kitten loves the flavour with rabbit. He literally purrs when gets the food bowl in front of him. My only con is that the chunks of meat are a bit too big for my kitten now, and I have to mash it a little bit. Also I would liked a smaller tin. My fussy kitten literally would not eat anything that's been stored past 12hrs on the fridge so I end up wasting a lot of food. Otherwise I am happy.
04/16/21 | Amirah

Kitten despises it

he wont eat it, he would rather starve himself than eat this dont buy it, we even tried mixing other stuff with it, he will either avoid or eat around it.
04/09/21 | Valerie

My kitten doesn't like it

Sadly despite the good reviews, my kitten doesn't enjoy his meals with this brand. I still have to mix it with his previous cat food Felix and he may take a bite or two but just walks away most of the time.
03/18/21 | Ella

Waste of food

After reading good reviews , I ordered 6pack of beef/veal & chicken . Kittens took one sniff & walked away. They have never refused food before. Definitely wont be ordering any more .
02/26/21 | Monica

Good quality grains free kitten food

I have always fed my cats with this product. It has a high meat and protein content and it’s grain free. I don’t want any grain in my kittens or cat food. With the 200 gr can my kitten eats 3,meals . She has plenty of energy and is very playful. She also has a lovely clean coat. She’s a Scottish fold longhair. I trust Animonda Carny kitten !
10/21/20 | Sarah

Inconsistent product

I bought beef & chicken & rabbit, and beef & turkey harts. My two 6-month kittens went crazy for the rabbit version, but would also tolerate turkey hearts. Next time, I decided to buy just beef & chicken & rabbit cans and to qualify for free delivery it took 42 cans (7 trays). Well, they refuse to eat it. The previous batch smelled fresh and meaty, this one has a slightly sweet undertone to it (as far as a human can tell). I am absolutely furious, wrote to Zooplus demanding a replacement.
10/11/20 | Annabel Turbutt-Day

Not great for my BSH

I didn’t think the meat quality was great compared with other brands. My BSH went off it quickly and I think he might have been allergic as it made his eyes stream. Ended up throwing the last two tins away. I think there are better brands out there such as Applaws or Rosie’s Kitchen.
11/26/19 | Lisa

Amazing - highly recommended

1. it is made in Germany, so I assume the quality is quite good 2. the price is great 3. it smells like pate. My kitten doesnt eat dry food (thanks god, because thet stuff smells) and the smell of this one is pleasant and doesnt fill the room It's a shame that the green one, with rabbit is not sold separately. I'd stock up on that since it is his favourite. Poultry cocktai lis his least favourite.
10/07/19 | Rosie

Kitten didn’t like

Unfortunately the kitten didn’t like this..when I put her food out she would come running, take one sniff and walk away. She would eat some of it if I mixed it with her usual wet food
09/14/19 | Vicky

Mum and Kittens Love it

I fed a very thin lactating Mum cat this food to try to get some weight on her, then used it to wean the kittens. If you mix a couple of table spoons with some warm water and mash it up, it seems to become the perfect texture for them. They have loved it and now are very healthy good weights at 10 weeks. I was advised to stick to the poultry one, as its tastiest, they love it :)
04/06/19 | Aleksandra


My little kitten had her vaccination just now so I didn't expect her to eat too much but the bowl is empty!!!! Purring so loud now 💕💕💕came onto my lap to purr some more and thank me for her delicious lunch ! Great food. Must try!!!!!

Better than some

The 5 month old kittens ate it but not as enthusiastically as some other products. The 2 year old eats anything stole what was left over!
08/31/18 | Lin

Kitten love chicken

I bought variety pack..found my 12 week kitten liked poultry with liver best...1 tin lasted 2 meals for 2 cats...they definitely prefer this consistency..will buy again

Good quality!

My sphynx kitten really likes it - I also buy Smilla kitten food that's in the same format but decided to try this for a change. My kitten won't eat food in pouches (just licks off the gravy or jelly) and I find tinned is better quality!
12/13/17 | Lisa

Brilliant stuff, good value for quality!

I bought this for my two ragdoll kittens who are used to Lily’s kitchen curious kitten wet, as a slightly cheaper alternative to rotate with. It actually has the same meat content, and works out much cheaper. Still the same chunky pâté type texture, I mash it a bit with a fork before giving it to them. One kitten loved it, the other had a bit and then left it and went back to it a few times - 2 empty bowls in the end! It smells as good as the Lily’s kitchen stuff to me! Will buy again.

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