08/20/21 | Nigar Shah

manufacturing fault

When arrived it wouldn't stay straight and was bent at the wrong angle. My cats could climb onto the bed. the rubber fell as soon as i had opened the packaging.

04/15/21 | Maria

Both bent wrong

I ordered one... it arrived bent at the wrong angle. I sent a picture, they sent me a replacement... also bent.

04/05/21 | Sofie

Arrived broken

Arrived bent so unfortunately, although it fits on our radiator, it’s bent in a way where our cat would never sit on it. It’s a shame as I had high hopes.

01/09/15 | Liz


The sheepskin doesn't fit very well. It's on the small size meaning my cats don't think it's big enough for them. It also says in the description that the cover fastens with a zip. There is no fastenings at all on mine, let alone a zip.