My 4kg fatty absolutely loves it!


Cats love it

I but these with our points and the cats love them. They do only fit over a double radiator (which we have downstairs) but they don't fit on a single radiator. So, only buy if you have thick radiators. The frames are robust and quite solid. The fleece is ok, synthetic, plain white, good enough when I am getting it on my points and the cats like it . (The fleece/sleeve is a very simple design so you could easily make your own in a real fleece / or colour of your choice to slide over the frame).

10/19/15 | R Wenner

Improving your cat's radiator bed

Yes, the radiator bed is too large to fit over the average radiator --BUT it fit perfectly over the banister like a balcony in the stairwell outside our bedroom. Yes, the original fleece fabric is thin; but I got a synthetic, luxurious sheepskin (meant as a small throw) from IKEA and draped it over the bed and banister, and it looks quite decorative -- the cat LOVES it, naps there much of the day, especially in winter. The white polyester sheepskin washes easily, and spares the original cover wear and tear.

09/22/10 | Sophia Hamling

Excellent - ish Value

I was thrilled when I found out about cat radiator beds and stayed up all night to find the best one. When I did, I was a bit disappointed to find that the furry lining was NOT AT ALL worth the value of the price. However, my two persian kittens LOVE this product, and regularly use it for their afternoon naps. I think I shall have to buy another though, becuase my kittens are now huge!! Wait! One tip: on cold winter nights, I would suggest placing a warm blanket on the bed as maybe the radiator might not be warm enough! Thanks, zooplus!!

08/12/07 | Tara

Fab with a wee tweak!

After some small adjustments with a hacksaw, these fitted my council radiators purrfectly! Both my girls love them, only thing the colour, difficulkt to keep clean with my mucky kitties!!!