02/26/22 | Patricia McKenzie


Have a 13wk old kitten & cat of 9yrs they absolutely love this item! Better watching them play than what’s on the TV. My older cat who is Diabetic loves the side cushion which is fab as it zips on the side of the tunnel. He has decided he prefers the tunnel at night to keep warm & cosy. Fabulous item would highly recommend!

02/26/22 | Patricia McKenzie


Have a 13wk old kitten & cat of 9yrs they absolutely love this item! Better watching them play than what’s on the TV.

10/28/21 | Alina

Our rabbit loves it

Our Rex rabbit loves this tunnel! I see her flopped over inside. She loves to run through it! Although she started to bite inside to make a window - will invest into a tunnel with a window next time. I personally think material could have been a little thicker as you can easily feel the hard ridges inside so can’t be very comfortable to lay on that…


Just arrived and cats already love it

This tunnel arrived today and was easy to set up. Our two cats played in it immediately and one is now sleeping inside. We have 3 other cat tunnels from other places and this is def one of the best as it is long and furry material makes it cosy as well as fun for them

01/16/21 | Zoe

All our cats love it!

Nice little cozy space- better than sleeping under the sofa. It's also perfect for playing and chasing through, the hanging hearts are a cute touch that they love to play with every now and then. Quite big, but when you want to store it away, it can be folded down to be compact

12/22/20 | Anna


Both cats love it! They have so many other tunnels so i thought this one won't make a difference. I was wrong. They even share it and normally they hardly near each other.

12/16/20 | Helen

Good for cats and Havanese dogs...

The cats like to sleep on or in this, Chico the Havanese likes to run through the tunnel too or check if his favourite cat is hiding there. Robust but easy to unzip and pack away if needed. Great value.

11/13/20 | Emma

Lovely cat tunnel

We got this for our maine coon who loves to be tucked up under blankets, thinking our other one wouldn't be that interested, but they both enjoy using it to nap in. Definitely a hit and big enough that they can both fit into it!



My kittens love it. They love to play and hid inside. They even take a nap inside. It would have been even better if it was a bit heavier to avoid moving around but considering the price it is brilliant

09/22/20 | Kat


My 2 little kittens been loving this tunnel! They sleep on the cushion and climb on top of it and sleep inside it and crawl under the cushion too. Thay have a cat bed but they prefer to sleep in the tunnel! haha

09/07/20 | Filipa

My kittens loves it

It looks as shown; my kitten loves it!


Absolutely brilliant

Good quality comfy , our kitten loves this, he's got loads of toys but this is a favourite. Definitely recommend


Good quality

It's a good quality item for the price. One of my cats was super happy about it, second didn't care much. So if you have a cat that likes to hide, it's a very good choice.

07/20/20 | Georgina

They LOVE this!

I bought one for my new adoption and sent one to my daughter as she was fostering during Lockdown and it was a source of great joy to many cat and kittens. The bit they like is the area to sleep in, possibly because it wraps around them and gives a sense of security. It took NO TIME at all to be use and the tunnel, well all the cats love a tunnel. It is also excellent for jumping over to attack a dangler or rooting under of you poke the stick under of the danger under it.

05/22/20 | Beth

Luxury cat tunnel

This cat tunnel is amazing, looks lovely in the house and is very well made. Super soft material and very comfy for both cats. They love sleeping inside the tunnel and on the little attached cushion. Another amazing zooplus product


Cats Love it!

Both Maine coon girls love it! Sleep in the tunnel often. The dangly balls were ripped off and is the little ones fav! If anyone is cutting these off or throwing away email me please and I’ll cover postage for them!! Mrandmrsjamieson@yahoo.co.uk

04/21/20 | Adele

Good quality for the price!

Much better quality than some of the other options and our cat loves it. We've had it 5 or 6 months and it's still like new, albeit covered in fur.. To be fair, she plays in it less than she sleeps in it, but she loves hiding and snoozing in there. Worth every penny.

04/16/20 | PJ


This cat tunnel is the best I have come across. The detachable bed has been well used.... the whole thing was infront of the fire for the whole cold period, and my beastie was in 7th heaven!!!

04/11/20 | Angie

Best bed/toy ever!!!

My both kittens (8 months) absolutely love it. They use it during playtime - chasing each other through the tunnel and for sleeping-one on attached bed and another one inside. Soft, nice made, no problems with zip. The most used bed/toy I bought so far. Highly recommend 😊

03/04/20 | Aleksandra

Luxury cat tunnel

It's absolutely worth the price, it is huge and very soft in touch. My cats we very keen on it from the start. Brilliant item