Perfect for the elderly

I tried this for an elderly cat in generally good health but falling weight, having been told that kitten food has the extra nutrients desirable & it is 100% successful. They can hardly get enough of it. The small kibble size is also helpful for those cats who have gradually lost teeth & can no longer manage the larger sizes.

11/04/21 | Gosia

Kitten delice

Both my cat and kitten love the royal canin and their fur is shiny and clean.

10/31/21 | Andy

Happy kitten 😸

My kitten loves this food

10/31/21 | Sammib

Somali 5 year old cat

I have a 5 year old somali cat that was constantly being sick tried all different foods and special veterinary diets etc with vet advice. Tried him on this kitten food to try to get the weight he had lost back on and the vomiting has now stopped. Vet said its best to keep him on this and fine to do so as the most important thing is that he can eat without vomiting.


Highly recommend

Great food, kittens have had no issues on this food.

05/29/21 | Sarah

Wonderful for my 6yold ragdoll

I have a 6 year old Ragdoll. He’s been sick all his life with various foods. Nothing seems to stay down. The vet a few months ago was really concerned with his weight 3.4kgs!!! He’d lost 1kg in a month. So I looked at this, he’s managing to keep it down most of the time, but has put a great amount of weight on!! The vet is super happy and said to keep him on this as long as he’s getting on with it……😊

02/05/21 | Maria

My kittens love this dry food

When I got my first kitten, I have been told that they were feeding him with RC kitten dry food so I bought a small pack but after that finished I bought a different brand and what a mistake. My poor baby had such an upset tummy so I found zooplus and ordered a big pack and as soon as he ate his favorite nibbles he was so happy and affectionate towards me and he purred all day and would not leave my side ,bless his heart. He wanted to thank me in his way 🥰.I got a 2nd kitty and she loves it too


Kitten loved this food

Great for kitten and easy to moisten with water

09/06/20 | RealV

Good kitten food

Breeder suggested this food, kittens very happy to eat it and growing fast. Good price on Zooplus.


The best

This is really good for kittens! My kitten would not eat certain brands such as whiskas or felix. He was a very skinny kitten and would not eat. This was suggested to me, and my kitten loves it! Hes now average weight I'm happy with this purchase.

05/06/20 | Claire

Literally saved a man cats life

We purchased Royal Canin after our boy cat turned out to be a girl and produced two little kittens. After delivery Ron was dangerously underweight. This food provided excellent nourishment for him and he is out of danger now. Our older cat bubbles who has always been a very skinny bony cat whose fur fell out regularly has thrived on this food. Her coat is thick black and luscious again and she looks like a different cat. Highly recommended!

05/05/20 | Nicola Prosser

All my maine coons Luna Gertie amber and bilbo the moggie love Royal Canine kitten kibble and they are not kittens 😄

All 4 cats love it, good value for money, excellent service from zoo plus!


Kitten likes it from the beginning

Our kitten is 4months old now, and we've been feeding him RC dry food (mixed with Whiskas wet) since he was 8weeks old. He doesn't really like dry food on it's own, hence we mixing it with something juicy (I think he likes the taste of Whiskas, it's just not very nutritious itself). His coat is beautiful, and he's very energetic, flayful and seems to be happy. We also give him kitten paste on a daily basis.

11/27/19 | keith peers


royal canin kitten. are great my cat loves it.

10/24/19 | Miss Taylor


Having had a few new additions to our four legged family, it is always nice to find something that suits delicate little tummies and this product certainly does this, my two ragdoll brothers have really enjoyed this even though they now feel that they can eat the big boys biscuits, I have mixed this into to the big boys dishes and they continue to enjoy it. Would recommend it and from a good named brand

07/31/19 | Margaret

Loves it

I adopted a native Mau from Egypt. She loves this and is thriving. Kittens need carbs as they are constantly on the move, unless they’re asleep. The balance seems right to me, but then I have studied nutrition.


royal canin kitten biscuits

My kitten loves these. A nice, light omega oil aroma rather than the usual petshop biscuit bin smell (What is that? Dusty pork fat?). A good size and shape, crunchy but not too hard.

03/27/19 | Bethany Molyneux

It's a hit!

My young siamese absolutely adores the royal canin kitten kibble. She always picks out the kibble from her wet food first so I think it's a hit! I accidentally knocked the bag over and she practically inhaled them whilst I tried to hold her off. After some intense googling I found that this was one of the dry foods that's best for your cat without getting too expensive. I believe it's very good value for money

03/11/19 | Wilson Ross, Riley Ross, Mason Ross

Our three rag dolls adore this!

We have three large rag dolls and this is the dry food they started out on, we have also added in Royal Canin Ragdoll biscuits but they won’t give this up - no way! So they free feed on a large bowl of kitten biscuits, a large bowl of ragdoll biscuits and a large bowl of water all day then have their wet meal in the evening. They thrive on this and I have to add that one of our three was rescued and had real problems eating when he arrived. This helped but him firmly on the road to recovery and

02/01/19 | Lindsay Flanagan

looks good

my Maine Coon really loves this soon he will be on the adult version he however he scoops the biscuits onto his paws whilst hes lying down and eats it this way only problem being he gets it all over the floor