12/24/20 | Savannah

Fussy kitten eats it

This is my 7 months old kitten's 2nd favourite. She is so fussy, but this goes down. There are so few kitten wet foods in gravy. Only negative is that it's in pouches. It would be infinitely better if it came in tin cans. More environmentally friendly. This is the reason for 4 stars.


New price every time I buy this product?

My Persian cat loves this food......I’m not so happy about the price though .....very purchase the price keeps going up.....think I’m gonna start looking else where for cheaper prices.

12/06/17 | Cathy

Just can't get enough !!

My two kittens just adore this kitten kibble. The just cant get enough of it.

04/30/13 | elena

Pleasing wet food but there are even better products

My little maine coon was weaned with royal canin products and liked them a lot. This dry food is particularly pleasing but I preferred to move gradually to Almo Nature, more natural and cruelty free.