02/07/22 | Mandy

Liked this

My two love this and never leave any.

03/16/21 | Claire C

Loved bu our fussy cat

Who knows how long it will last, but for now, our fussy feline is demolishing both flavours. Such a relief to have found something she likes that's compatible with her delicate tum.

03/09/20 | Christina Aitken


My elderly 18 year old cat gets on so well with the pro plan wet pouches and my very fit 4 year loves them too, so not a problem when they swap their identical disshes. Highly recommend them


First time Purina buyer

My bubbas been on Hills Prescription I/D for over a year and when I got him this, he took to it very quickly - no need for mixing it into what hes already used to! Stools are solid but Ive also noticed that his stools dont smell as much as they do when he's scoffed on Hills Prescription so I will be getting more of this. The wet food doesnt come in a box which is a shame but if my bubba is happy with the food, Im happy