03/04/22 | Daz

Great product - To the reviewers below me......

To the reviewers below me. Stop complaining about something out of your control, this isn't just a 'brexit' issue, this is a worldwide raw material crisis. Complain about the cat food, fine, but don't complain about things which are not in zooplus' control. The supply chain goes everywhere, even though it comes from germany, it may add other elements as to the reason why it cannot be sourced in a timely fashion. Some people are just so impatient and ungrateful. Change your name to Karen.
02/13/22 | Lisa Rowe

Thanks Brexit!!!

My cats are all settled on this food with no tummy issues. It’s been out of stock for ages now with no end to the shortage in sight! I’m now back on Royal canin sensible which gives 2 of my 15 the chronic runs. I’m all out of ideas as I’ve now tried sensitive versions of smilla (which they won’t even touch) and Sanabelle which also upset their tummies! I’m desperate for this to come back into stock in 10kg bags.
05/25/21 | Ami

Great value decent cat food for sensitive tummy’s!

One of my rescues (the runt of the litter!) has a very sensitive tummy and you used to have to monitor her coming out the litter box to clean her feet from wet poos 😷 this order will now be our 4th? Have used it for well over a year for my two and wouldn’t choose anything else!
05/09/21 | Laura S

She loves this

My cat loves this kibble, it's her favourite ever and seems to have a positive effect on her digestive issues - win-win!

Excellent for my 10 year old cat

With his old dry food, Edouard lost a lot of weight and was scratching himself non-stop... The vet suspected an allergy or intolerance. I swapped his food out and it's magic, no more scratching and has put on 1.5kg in 4 months. We are so happy !


Very good, my cat really likes it.
03/06/21 | Ana

Very happy

Our sphynx cat who's got a sensitive tummy and skin loves this and does not cause him issues. He's happy, we're happy.
03/01/21 | originally published in zooplus.it

Concept for life Sensitive Cats

I have a lot of furry cats and since I have been using this, no more vomit in the house. Ideal!
01/28/21 | Olivia

Really good !!

I noticed three of my cats were vomiting quite a lot, sometimes with hair balls and sometimes without so it seemed like a smart idea to switch to a new food, I started using the sensitive cat food about 5 weeks ago and since then I’ve noticed there’s been no vomiting at all which is definitely a massive perk for me and the cats! I mix it in with their usual dry food and it works wonders.
01/25/21 | originally published in zooplus.es


Very good quality and presentation with the zip.
01/10/21 | originally published in zooplus.es

Very sensitive cat

I have waited more than a month to write this review. I have a very sensitive cat who is allergic to lots of common ingredients and scratches herself raw sometimes. When we tried Sanabelle it started off very well, and her scratching had stopped, until it all started again with a new batch. I bought this to try it out and I have to say the cat is doing so much better now. No more scratching. I hope they won't change the recipe. Still doing great so far

Great food

This food is very well digested by my sensitive cat.

Cats love it

Cats love this food, both cleared there bowls,
06/16/20 | originally published in zooplus.it


I got this dry food with the points I have accumulated on the loyalty program, and my cat loved it! They are a little softer than normal, and are perfect for him and his dental problems. I will definitely reorder!

Great food

This food is well liked by all three cats (only the one is sensitive when it comes to food)! The afflicted cat is now vomiting noticeably less after about 2 weeks of use. I bought another digestive health product from zooplus (prebiotics from Purina Pro Plan), she loves it, and it also seems to be helping her a lot. She used to have really bad diarrhea...
06/01/20 | originally published in zooplus.es

Very good

It has a strong smell, that much is for sure, but my cats like it very much, not all of them mind, I've got 9, but the one I bought it for eats it, if he eats and enjoys it, then I'm happy. It agrees well with them and there is no vomiting. I buy the 400g bags because they seem to like it better than the big bag, I've noticed that with all brands the small bag is better than the big bag, the food is somehow different, so even though it is more expensive, I don't mind and will keep buying it for my boys.
05/25/20 | originally published in zooplus.es

They love it

I wanted to try this food, I bought afinity and purina one, but they are very fussy when it comes to food, I got the 400g bag to test the water and they loved it, it does smell very strongly, and personally I don't care much for the smell, but they love the food, so I decided to buy one of the large bags, and my cat with a tendency to vomit who I used to give wet food, has been doing great with this and has kept it all down so far.

Very good food

My cats love this food and digest it really well!


My cats love this - and help themselves when the bag is left out
03/20/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr

A veritable success

I started little by little to get my 7 cats used to it.... total success. No problems at all with the stool, no vomiting or any other issues, 2 are around 14 years old, 4 are 10 years old and one of them is 2.... we highly recommend it.

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