03/07/22 | Vanessa

No idea when it'll be back!

Like many others, we had to find an alternative to a recalled pet food last year. This came recommended and I was pleased that our cats all seemed to thrive on it. It's a shame therefore, that it hasn't been available recently and ZooPlus only have a date for the smallest 400g bag - not ideal when we were purchasing 2x 10kg bags at a time!

03/02/22 | L E


This is a 5 STAR product BUT it's constantly out of stock...after 5 months of hell finding good food they would eat after the Felix debacle, I found Concept for Life and my boys loved it...now it's unobtainable so my feeding hell continues. Other brands my boys finally began to eat are also no longer in stock. I'm sure circumstances are beyond your control but my cats cannot comprehend this leaving us in despair. Cant wait for this and the other brands to be available again.


Cant get stock

I spent two months switching my cats to this product only to find there is now upto a 12 week wait for more. Dont bother trying to buy it elsewhere its a zooplus exclusive - would never have switched if i had known this. Now i am stuck as I have weaned my cats off their Royal Canin Hypoallergenic - but i see the price of thats shot up too!


Sadly made my cats tummy worse

Tried this for my 2 Cornish Rex cats with sensitive tummies but unfortunately it made their diarrhoea worse. Still trying to find a product they are ok with

08/20/17 | Maria

Sorry not for my cat

My cat Mitzi was loving this and adapted to it well but low and behold about 3 to 4 weeks in I noticed her scratching a lot and bits of her hair coming out and THEN lots of vomiting I guess because she's full of hair as her fur is coming out a lot , now I'm going to put her back on bozita where I had hairballs every few months, there must be something that's not giving her enough nutrients or that she has an allergy to.