Made my cat sick

My cat generally eats anything, she isn’t fussy. Her normal food was out of stock, which seems to be a common occurence at the minute, so I tried this as it is a similar type - I shouldn’t have bothered. She’s been sick on it the 2 days I have tried her with it, it’s going in the bin, an absolute waste of money, and food, as I wouldnt want to donate it to anyone incase the same happened and I wouldn’t want to be responsible for that.

01/03/22 | Kristina

My cat doesn't like it

Biscuits seem to have a good ingredients,but my female neutered cat wouldn't eat it, and my friends male cats don't seem to be keen on it either,so I sm stuck with almost 3kg of biscuits that auer don't like.

11/08/18 | Kamila

My cats refuse to eat it

My cats would not touch this food. We bought 10kg bag for sterilised cats and wasted the money :(