01/03/22 | Tom

Oscar Loves It

We give our Maine Coon kitten Oscar this as his daily treat in between his meals. We use his own teaspoon and spread it out evenly over the spoon. He will sit there patiently and quietly clear it all. He loves it ! We can see it's definitely made a difference to his coat. It looks more silky and shiny since we started giving Trixie paste to him!

Loves it

My kitten kicks straight from the tube and can't get enough!
09/09/21 | Jeanette Fraser

Kittens love it

My two kittens love this, they try to lick it straight from the tube. We are already on our second tube, they like it more than their treats.

Kitty Crack

My Maine Coon absolutely goes nuts for this every morning after breakfast. So much so, we’ve had to get a lock for his cupboard where his food is as he will only want these tubes😂we now name it Kitty Crack because of how crazy he goes for it bless him
01/16/21 | Klaudia

Great vitamin paste

My cat absolutely love that vitamin paste and always want more but can’t have it need to wait till next day.
12/09/20 | 口口

Love the taste

He loves the taste.

Street Animals & pix 'n' mix pedigrees

We love this product and use it on all our kittens and send them home with a tube also thank you Trixie xx kim Osman
01/15/18 | Olga

Easy to give tablets, LOVED by CATS, Highly recomended

My cats just love that paste. That product is extrrimely helpful if I need to give some medicine/devorming tablets to them. I just crash the tablet and mix with a paste. No stress for cats and of course for me!
01/16/17 | Olga

My fur baby loves it!

I am so happy with this purchase, every day I just put a dash of the paste on my finger and my cat loves licking it off! Would definitely recommend!
11/29/13 | Jennifer A


Kittens will take this, but much prefer the Beaphar version. Because I've bought both I'll alternate each day until this is finished.
09/27/13 | Anna

My kitten like it so much

My kitten like this paste so much! I gave him every morning with the main food!! Strongly recommend!
04/30/13 | elena


My cat loves this Vitamine paste for kittens; this paste makes he purr and close his eyes... fantastic!!!!
09/14/12 | Vicky D

love at first lick!

My 16 week old kitten adores this paste! Just seeing the tube excites him. It is gobbled down in seconds and he's looking for more. I will be buying it again.
07/07/12 | Ani

they love it !!!!

yesterday I receive my order . I would like to say thank you for the great service ! I have 2 kittens one of them was very sick and was taking antibiotic , for my was very difficult to give a tablet to my kitten , but whith this paste everything is so easy . They just love it . Deffently I will buy it again . Highly recommend ! Well spend money.
07/03/12 | Cherry

Older Cat Adores This

I bought this for my parents' 17 year old cat. She struggles with the treats I buy for my Singapura as she's had some teeth removed. She loves it. She's not a lap sitting cat, but we bond when I get up and watch the morning news with my cereal. She sits on the arm of the chair and rests her paws on my lap in the hope of getting a few licks of Trixie! It's got to be healthier than letting her have the leftover milk in my bowl.
12/02/11 | SLD

Kitten adores it

My 7 month old kitten totally adores this paste. She comes running when I hold the tube up. Highly recommended!

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