06/02/22 | Britt

My cat loves these healthy snacks

My cat absolutely loves these, and it’s perfect for him because he’s overweight. Thrive cat treats are super healthy.
04/27/22 | Myra Brooks

Mixed impression

My cat loves these but I think I may need to stop buying them. I buy the large tin which is quite expensive. I would not mind this if I was receiving a full container of pieces not half pieces and half powder. The amount of waste us appalling.
08/24/21 | Larry

Bad Quality !!

The color changed a bit yellow and my cat smell it then never touch it again ! compare to the previous one the color is pure white.
07/02/21 | Bernadett

Best snack ever

Our boy loves this - perfect treat which is healthy and tasty at the same time. 100% recommended
05/13/21 | Mel Hamilton


Both my cats love these. One of them will actually chase pieces of it if I throw them! I've given them the tuna and the chicken ones - they liked both. No other ingredients in them. They like a drink of water after having a few as they are very much dried!
03/06/21 | Amy

Waste of money!

My girl loves freeze dried treats and they go so well with her raw diet but when I order chicken thrive I expect a full tub, not half. The tuna ones haven’t been disappointing but the chicken ones really have 🤦‍♀️I also order the Cosma ones and they are probably better quality with more protein options
02/24/21 | Amy


My girl LOVES these thrive freeze dried treats! She’s raw fed and has freeze dried as her treats in between. This is the way she gets fish into her diet and goes crazy for them, as soon as she hears me going to her treat drawer she comes running 😂

A big hit with my catSally

I buy these as a special treat for my senior cat. She goes absolutely frantic when our zooplus order arrives. I try to ration them but im fighting a losing battle as wherever i hide the tube she manages to find them. I would highly recommend these and will undoubtedly buy more to keep my Booja happy.
10/10/20 | Sophie

My cats are obsessed

Both my cats lovvve these treats

Cats absolutely love these but...

... since the price has been hiked up from £9.99 to £12.99 I will no longer be buying. 😕. This isn’t Zooplus’ fault as price has gone up everywhere. I was ordering 20 tubs a month, so price increase works out £12 extra. Looking for alternative products.
08/25/20 | J Hutchings

Appears a good quality pure treat

This seems like a good quality cat treat but unfortunately it made my cat sick. She is never sick and not an overeater at all. She just had a couple of pieces. This is my reason for only 2 stars and I won’t buy these again
07/05/20 | Zana


My cat’s favourite snack! My cat loves it.

Not one for our cat!

After reading the reviews I thought our Maine Coon would love these - sadly not! Walked right past them and continued to ignore them for the rest of the day!

The only freeze dried treats my cat eats

Loves these, although the tube does finish fairly quickly and could be slightly cheaper.
04/16/19 | Jude Comber

Would be 5 stars if the price was a little lower!

These were a new experience for us all! One cat nearly took my fingers off thanks to these "chunks". If your cat is a "dainty eater" you will need to break them up a bit as they come in cubes about 1cmx1cmx1cm. The Tuna ones could have been all gone within seconds via one of my felines the other was less impressed with the large cubes! I understand that they are 100% meat/fish and their process is different - but 9pence per gram is well ridiculous. Can they not be made cheaper somehow? Please!

Absolutely crazy for them

Cats like treats in general, my cat is no different. But these ones make him go craaaazy. He loves them that much, buying the saver pack now

Great treats but recent deterioration in quality

Tuna variety Thrive treats (closely followed by the chicken) are my cat’s absolute favourite - she turns her nose up at most other similar products and gobbles these down as fast as she can. However, the most recent tuna tubes I’ve bought have not been as good quality & inedible - they’re hard, irregular shaped & not as recognisable as decent pieces of protein as they used to be.
01/15/19 | Gill

Fantastic, protein and no additives

Excellent, my kittens learned very quickly to come indoors when I rattled the tube. Now they know when I pick it up!
10/15/18 | Nick Hill


I feed my kitten these & also the Chicken Liver variety. The Chicken liver ones are a better size & she likes the taste better. These chicken flavour are great quality, but an inconsistent size. I break up some of the larger pieces for her.
08/05/18 | June

Pieces are now too hard and defective

I have been buying Thrive for many years and my Siamese cats love them. I buy many of them. all flavors. Over the last two years I have noticed they had become hard and would get stuck in the teeth of my cat and a few times he chocked on them. This has happened regularly now to the point that I complained and contacted Paul Singer the CEO of Thrive as I ended up throwing most of the product out. I decided to start keeping the defective ones and sent back 6 tubes! Very disappointed!!!!

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