03/29/21 | Vivi S

Cat Snacks but Upset my Cat's Tummy

My cat, Muffy, has a sensitive tummy & has sensitive grain-free food, but seeing these were pure freeze-dried Chicken, I thought she'd be OK with them, but they caused pale, runny stools, which stopped when I stopped giving them to her. Pity as she loved them...
02/22/21 | Anita


Very good quality snacks
01/19/21 | Lucy

Cats went nuts for them

Opened these and immediately the smell caught my cats attention. They actually smell like meat unlike lots of cat treats. The cats happily scarfed them down then kept trying to steal the tube until I put it away. Would buy again. The tube is also nicely filled with treats, you're getting a decent amount for your money.
01/17/21 | Lisa S

Great alternative for diabetic cats

My 17 year old cat recently developed diabetes as a result of long-term steroid injections. We needed to wean him off cat biscuits and other 'biscuity' treats due to the high carb count. We used these (tuna) and the Wild Freedom freeze-dried snacks for crunch without the carbs. He went mad for both and the plan worked amazingly well! No more crying for biscuits!
12/07/20 | Leanne


My very very fussy Eater goes crazy for these
11/11/20 | Marta

My cat love this!

My kitten really love duck. I order beef now
10/23/20 | Agata

My cat loves it

It first snack which my cat actually likes, he is not into dry food so it was for me big surprise that he loves it

Excellent but pricey

My cat is obsessed with these treats, I’m not joking since I got these she goes mental every time I open the treat drawer. She doesn’t fancy the XXL ones for some reason, so the size is also perfect for her. I spared one star just because of the price which is a bit too much for dehydrated protein basically.
09/24/20 | Rey


I'm pretty sure our cat would go to war over this stuff. I've never seen this picky eater so excited over food!!
02/09/20 | Tom

Literally irresistible

I bought two tubes of these chicken snacks. My little guy had a few and seemed to enjoy them, came home from work to find both tubes had been ripped apart and finished! Looked like a bear had got to them. Definitely recommend these but keep them in a safe place!
09/18/19 | Dg Chilton

Poor bullied owner!

The Cosmo Snackies came free with my usual Smilla order. Although I have 7 cats the little old rescue boy always gets spoiled as he has had a sad hard life. Well, it was love at first bite!! He would eat this morning, noon and night if I didn’t stand firm and insist he ate ‘normal food ‘. However, this does not stop him following me around and moaning at the top of his squeaky voice. Am about to order XL version so my other poor cats might get a look in. Recommended by Mokie
02/25/19 | Mrs Kim

Looks really unappetising

These small chopped up pieces of polystyrene looking chicken bits, look really unappetising, but my cats love them, they don't look much different to the name brands, but the obviously are different because they devour this brand name straight away.
02/15/19 | J H BARCLAY

Cat crack!

We first encountered these in the Zooplus advent calendar and, my God! - they were a huge hit. I just had to say "Advent" and both my cats would come running. So, I purchased a variety of flavours and they seem to love them all. an unqualified hit. Their favourite treats.
11/18/18 | Becky

Yum yum

My cats absolutely love these ,tried other freeze dried treats which were not a success but my six all love them
04/03/18 | Eleanor

Excellent treats for my cats

My cats absolutely love these treats!! Absolutely perfect for them : ) Highly Recommend.
03/29/18 | Olivia

Cats go nuts for these

Cats love these. Also much healthier than other treats due to being 100% chicken. Be warned, it's easy to break the 3-4 a day rule. Mine have me so wrapped round their paws they can easily convince me to give them 10! Peanut is hooked! I find them very good for gaining the trust of our newest cat who is very shy.
03/13/18 | Josie

Good enough to break into

My cats love these so much that they broke into the tube to get to the rest.
11/24/17 | jill

My cat loves these

Very pleased that my cat adores these so much. He has inflammatory bowel disease and cannot have most treats. As soon as he sees the tube he gets really excited. Great for when he needs a treat eg after medication or claw cutting. I dont use treats other than for these types of things. Will try the other varieties next.
02/11/17 | Rachel

Cosma snackies

Our oriental is an extremely fussy eater and after numerous blood tests, scans etc vets cannot find anything wrong. I bought some of these in the hope they would encourage him to eat and it has worked. He absolutely loves them, I crush a couple on his food and he wolf's it down and has a couple after! This product has saved me so much worry, they are amazing!

A firm favourite

Our cats adore these things. They try to open the tube and gesture towards it.

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