Very happy with them

They are my cat favourite ones. She tends to be really picky even with treats, but this one's did the trick
12/17/21 | Aimee

No from my 14week old ragdoll

These are a no from my kitty. They’re really big even an adult couldn’t eat them but it’s fine because you can always break them apart? Well that’s what I thought until I tried to break them apart! They’re so dry and hard to break I broke it into crumbs and offered it to my ragdoll and he couldn’t swallow them he just kept chewing then spat it out. I think because they’re so hard they must be really hard to chew so for me this was a waste of money which is so sad as he loves feringa
06/22/21 | Chelsi

My Ragdoll love these!

These are quite big, so I would only feed one or two at a time. They smell really strong, but at the end of the day, my cat loves them and that's all that matters. She was more than satisfied with just being given one or two. They are quite moist and soft, so good for cats that don't like crunchy treats. Would buy these again. 😊
04/10/21 | Amy Rose

Semi moist goodness

My kitties enjoy these a lot and I love that I'm able to find them semi-moist treats rather than dry stuff.

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