07/06/22 | Mike Jones

My kitten loves them.

I give my kitten these as a reward or treat, if she has been left for a hour or two (she is 10 weeks old) I give he 2 or 3 when I get back as a treat. So far she has not sulked seems quite happy and if I shake the packet she comes running.
05/26/22 | Henry

Kittens love them

My three boys go crazy for these. I rattle the pot and they come running. One of them isn't a fan of a lot of the Felix/Dreamies treats, but he loves these. Plus, they are lower in calories than most other brands, so they can have a few more than usual and they are soft enough for kitten teeth.
12/14/21 | Faraaz

These were not a hit

Being a Feringa fan, I was excited when I saw these for sale on Zooplus but unfortunately my kitten disagrees and isn't a fan. I don't know what I was expecting when I broke one of the snacks in half however the centre seemed pretty dried out?
12/09/21 | Zenda Trim

not a healthy snack

29.5% meat and animal by-products (24.5% poultry)and vegetable by products. this is not good for any cat or kitten. you have know idea where the protein has come from. I wont use them again. Sorry. i dont expect this will be reviewed.
07/15/21 | Jo Loveridge

A great snack

Both of my now 13 month old cats continue to love these milky snacks. They rarely drink milk, so it's nice that I can still give them something as an alternative.
05/03/21 | Penny


I don't know if there is something wrong with my packet, but it contains just very dry crispy brown square bits with a tiny dried white spec of something grim in the centre. None if my cats will touch them, let alone the kitten. I tried crumbling it onto their wet food and they won't eat it then either. The first thing I've ever bought from zooplus that has been a disaster.
04/28/21 | Fatima

Lily LOVES it

I originally used to give my kitten the whiskas milky treats and wanted to give this one a go.... I have never seen Lily run for a treat in my life like the way she does for this xD Definitely give it a try, your kitten will love you forvever
12/17/20 | Stephanie James

Nice treat

These are a hit with both my kitten and my adult cat.
11/23/20 | Celia Clarke

My cats go crazy for these snacks

My cats really love these
10/31/20 | Yulia

Cat loves these snacks!

He never eats dry food, but he really likes these snacks so they must be really good.
07/06/20 | Gabija Cekirge

Milky snacks

Our kitten seems to enjoy them.
06/16/20 | Alec

Best kitten treat

My kitten loves these treats . Aways sitting at the cupboard waiting for a treat
05/12/20 | Nicoleneal

Kittens snacks

Brilliant kitten snacks small and loved by our kittens

Kitten loves these

My kitten loves these treats, as soon as the bag was opened she was trying to get into them!
04/03/20 | N neal


I breed bsh cats and this treats they love and the small size is good for kittens
08/01/19 | Roisin

Crunchy delights!

My little ragdoll loves these!! She even tried to climb up me to get more. They are also loved by our older ginger tom who will eat basically anything in biscuit form!
04/15/19 | Emma

Fab treats

My two Maine coon kittens love these. Unusual to find something they both go equally crazy for!
03/27/19 | Jarek Roover/Bury

Feringa rules

Since ive orderered first time its my cat's favourite treats. Last time we've tried meat snacks and sticks and these are very good as well
08/26/18 | Alison

My kitten loved these.

Unfortunately she's 1 now but she loved these.

Kitten loved them

I bought these for my 8week old kitten.., she loved them.. great way for her to start eating In A new environment.

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