05/11/17 | Shar

Cats can suss this one out, easy!

My cats pulled this over and gobbled up all the food which was scattered all over the floor. Nice idea but perhaps could be redesigned with a heavier base.
05/28/14 | jessica

my cat is not clever enough to use it!

My cat was crying infront of it! I gave this to my friend! My friend's cat also didn't play at all!!

not suitable for greedy bigger cat

Our smaller burmese stuck her head in the top and ate. The greedy big boy initially was slowed down by hooking the food out but soon tired of this - started knocking it over and finally just snapped the top off!
03/01/14 | Rebecca Thomas

Not for the un-bright cats :/

My cat, Bengi, is an absolute pigglet and really needs to lose weight, so the vet had suggested something to slow down eating and make meal times more of a challenge. However, Bengi is just not clever enough to get this. I've persevered for a week now, but have given up because I'm fed up with the constant pestering and meowing :( Having said that, I can't really fault the product. It's well made, easy to take apart and clean, and looks great - although the 'stem' could do with being a little longer because the distance from the base bowl to the maze is not high enough. It's a shame my cat is so thick and I'm having to pass this on to another person :(

Great idea but not for big cats

This product looks great but for our big man who couldn't get his paws in easily and is tall enough to just stick his head in the top to get at the food it just didn't work at all. In the end we gave it to our local cats protection centre where the cats there apparently love it. It's pros are it is easy to clean and light weight (again not good for a big cat)and has a varying difficulties and as for cons just not tall enough for larger cats the openings also need to be larger to get big paws in and prevent stuck paws.

Not for all cats

I love the design, I think its really very good. It looks good (I called it Kerplunk for cats) and it a great concept. However, my cat, while a greedy pig, is also a lot less clever than a ball of fluff. She couldn't figure it out at all and spent hours crying at the tower. I had to give in and now use a ball with holes to deliver her food :( I'm pretty sad that my cat is so thick and I'm having to pass this on to another person. I don't fault the design, the manufacture or the product at all. Just needs to be said some cats ain't that bright :/

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