was bent out of shape

size isn't bad but it was bent out of shape out of the box and could never really get it back to anywhere near the picture and my cat ended up laying on top of it instead of in it
11/09/21 | Beatrice


I bought this for my miniature Dachshund and she loves it. Item is just as described and Lilly loves it. There is plenty of room for both her and her toy 🐷 inside.

Mini Dachs approved!

Lovely den bed and my little one loves it. It arrived in good time although its terribly out of shape but like I said my little one loves it and went straight in it as soon as it was out of the bag!
10/19/21 | Dana


Not happy as is triangular not round
10/13/21 | Dana

Not as in the photo

Couldn't make it to stay as in the photo
09/04/21 | Ann

Soft but bent out of shape

The fabric is very soft and I’d describe this more as a cat den/bed , rather than a cuddle bag as it’s very large. Sadly due to the way it had been squashed into the box with cat food I ordered it’s bent out of shape and doesn’t stand properly. Was hoping it would spring back to shape once out but hasn’t. Would have returned but cardboard box had been disposed of.
03/27/21 | Jane Aldridge

Great cat den

My two Bengals which are quite long cats love this den/ snuggler. I have had to order another because they love it so much. It’s of good quality and lovely and soft.
02/10/21 | Kirstie

Cosy den for Winter

I have two Maine Coons, these beds are on the small side for my bigs boys who struggle to get in and turn around but that doesnt stop them. They love them and are both snuggled up in them right now! Totally recommend especially for winter.
12/16/20 | Sam

Instant comfort and reassurance!

One of our cats is a bit timid, and placing this in one of her favourite spots was an instant success. She's larger than average, and I was worried that she'd have trouble getting in to the sleeping bag design and turning around, but the stiff collar keeps the mouth of the bag open and she can get in to it just fine. Getting her out of it is more of a challenge, she's never overslept a feeding time before!
08/07/20 | LILLI

So good I had to get another one

Smudge, my cat, dived into it as soon as I took it out of the packaging and stayed there for the rest of the evening. They say actions speak louder than words, which is lucky considering he can't talk but he obviously loves it so much I'm buying another one for another room. Great size. He's an adult cat and snuggles so far into the back I can hardly see he's there.

Not really "XXL", check dimensions before purchase.

Nice product although not really "XXL" as described, so make sure the dimensions suit your furry friend.
09/13/15 | Caz


i have just got 3 of these for my cats for the winter, great quality very large, i am sure my cats will be very warm and cozy this winter.
06/16/15 | Gail

Not big enough

After reading the couple of reviews I thought this would be ideal for my 2 year old cat (who is by no means extra large) but, although she initially showed interest in it and tried to enter, it just seemed a bit on the small side resulting in head and shoulders inside bag/rear end sticking out of bag - would not recommend for a large cat. Luckily I have a friend who works for a charity socialising kittens and this should be just the ticket for their use - so all is not lost. :)
06/05/14 | Imogen

Happy cat

My cat took one look and entered the cuddle bag, within seconds he was purring and then he started kneading the base. He loves his cuddle bag so much I shall have to buy another as a back-up/ replacement. The bag is long enough which is important for a big cat. Now I have to persuade him to come out.


My cats love this! They can stretch out instead of having to curl up like they have to in the round beds. A great find.

owner and cat both pleased

My cat took to it straight away and has slept in it ever since, he loves it. The bed size is perfectly adequate for my average size cat, however I think it could be just a bit WIDER for the cat's legs to have more room to stretch out sideways, the height is good though. The sides are good because they stay stiff upright and don't flop inward onto the cat. (It is actually triangular and not the rounded top shown on the product picture, but I prefer it that way so it doesn't matter.)

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