07/04/22 | Kerry Burton

Buy it, you won’t regret it

I’ve got my car lots of toys in the past year of owning her, and aside from her little teddy she’s not been interested in any of them for very long. But this toy is her fave, she goes absolutely mental for it, instant purring and she would play with it all day if I let her. So much so I have to hide it away, otherwise she really wears herself out. But in the morning she will be sitting by the cupboard waiting. Downside is the cardboard weakens so I’ve had to tape it up

Such a simple toy - one cat addicted

One of my two cats isn't interested at all but the other goes absolutely mad for it. It's only little strips of cardboard on a bit of wire so you wouldn't think it would be very exciting but it's still a hit weeks on. I'm very surprised it's still holding up weeks on. My only concern is the thin wire. I put it away in a drawer when play stops. I'm also slightly concerned when she's leaping about and the wire catches her paw. No injuries but it's always in the back of my mind.
06/03/21 | em


My cat liked this, it moves in an unusual way which does seem to mimic a more natural movement. It is quite hard to hold though, and the cardboard not particularly robust at that end.
05/15/21 | Alan

Not bad, but needs improving

Our cats actually play with this toy when they are restless, but the 'handle' that you hold is extremely hard to grip, the single piece that you hold comes out after a while, it would be better if that end was anchored in a piece of timber, so you have something solid to hold, apart from that it seems fine. I had concerns over the wire initially, incase it damaged their teeth, but I let them take it at their pace once they have made their kill, and let the wires natural flexibility set the pace


My Savannah loves this toys! He is very quick and catches to kill so most feather style toys don’t last 2 minutes but this is fab! Unfortunately it’s not my Ragdolls cup of tea, he will play with it but he isn’t overly bothered.
12/26/20 | Caroline


I have bought lots of toys for both my cats, one cat has never been interested until now. She absolutely loves playing with this toy, such a simple concept.but worth its weight on gold, I recommend this toy for all cats
02/11/18 | Jen Kirby

She is crazy about it

I have 3 cats. Each of them is selective about what they play with and each has their own toy. The tortoiseshell is crazy about the Cat Dancer. She leaps and twirls until she is exhausted. If I want her for anything I just have to get it out of the drawer. I worry about it being wire as I imagine it cutting her so I am careful when she gets it in her mouth.
02/07/14 | Miranda

Outwits string chewers!

I bought this for my string chewing hunk of a boy who destroys every cat toy I buy him. He loves nothing more than chewing through string and then chasing the toy that was meant to dangle! This is a thick wire dangle toy so is indestructible! It's great, he doesn't chew it, just plays as intended, only downfall is that it could be longer.

Cat dancer toy!

I was disappointed when I first seen this toy when it arrived! It did not look much but when I introduced it to my 2 year old cat, she went crazy for it!! A great buy! I too, have to hide it from my cat and only bring it out when its 'playtime'-she loves it!

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