08/07/21 | Alison

Great value

This is among the best buys I have made for my cats. It was bought for my new kitten and he loves it and so too does my 13 year old cat. They both play with it every day. Will definitely buy again

07/07/21 | Christine Weber

Big & small love it

I bought this for my kitten Tiger Liliy, yes she loves it, so does her mum Flower too and her bigger cousins Roger & Henry so I would say its a definite hit in this household.

10/10/20 | Jo

Great fun for little one

I bought that for my little one’s And they’ve been just love it!! Look nice but ...quiet poor quality:/ I still think is worth this money because make a lot of fun! I definitely recommend it!

09/29/20 | Jo

Good bob

My boy and little babies just love it! Very recommended for young cats

07/28/19 | Anna


Both of mine(Savannah and Bengal) love this frame. They all the time play with it and hiding behind if it turns in the side

06/28/19 | Josefine

my kittie loves this

She has had these types of play mats before and she just lies on them, plays with the hanging toys and sits there on it observing life. She is not a boisterous cat so I've not had any problems described by other reviewers on here. Mat is still in pristine condition, will last a long time. She sometimes flips it over and when I get home from work it's in a different place than when I left in the morning, it's one of her favourite things.