Don't waste your money

Very poor quality
04/27/22 | M.


This thing was shredded within seconds of my cat getting it. Bits of fake fur or whatever it is all over the sofa, floor, and in his mouth. Goodness knows how much he swallowed, best case scenario is that he throws up everywhere kater (yay!) and it all comes out. Cheap tat, best avoided
04/21/22 | Helena

Cat's favourite toy

This is hands down the toy my cat loves the most. We're currently on our third one in six months so no, it's not the most durable, but that's at least partly down to the fact that he plays with it 10x as much as his other toys, and it doesn't break down in a dangerous way - just becomes ratty and scatters feathers around the house. He'll walk around carrying it in his mouth, kick it, toss it around etc. I'm more than happy to spend £3 every couple of months on something that he loves so much!
04/09/22 | Lellie

Good for play time

My cats love this, they can bite and hold the cork with their paws and play with the feathers
02/27/22 | Lisa Buckley

Great toy

Our three cats love their Kong Cork toy, throwing it round, kicking it, licking it, and refusing to share.

Totally Loveable

I don't know what it is about these Kong furry toys? But the Cats just adore playing with them. Soon as it was out of the packet and in the toy box, my eldest Puddy, pulled it out and started grooming it.


The one delivered didn't much resemble the one that was delivered - and was destroyed within minutes.
01/16/22 | Anna

Fun toy

Nice wee toy that my 10-year-old cat enjoys stalking and tearing up. Will definitely be getting it again once this one wears out.

Not made from cork

No cork at all and feathers fall out very easily, my cat has no interest. She looks natural materials so I was interested by the cork idea so very disappointed by this.

Fun but not durable

My cats really enjoyed playing with this, but had removed all the feathers within 30 minutes.

Poor quality

My cats have several Kong toys which they like - they loved this one, bit it only lasted a couple of hours before I had to throw it in the bin. Most of the feathers fell out and the cork fabric came off the ball. Very poor quality!

Not made of cork

Bought this for my ferrett who is obsessed with cork. Not as described, it looks like cork but is actually just plush.

In the bin

I bought 2 of these and my 2 destroyed them within hours, the cork was all over the floor along with the stuffing that was inside. Complete waste of money.

Absolute favourite toy

They adore this from the kitten to the 8 year old! Light enough for the kitten to carry around and not want to share!
06/28/21 | Emily

They LOVE it

My cat found this on the kitchen counter and carried it off before I had the chance to give it to her! She and her sister fight over it (and have nearly destroyed it) so I've got them another one!
05/20/21 | Spencer

Best cat toy ever!

My cats are particularly fussy with toys, but they both love this, one talks to it and they both play with it for ages!, will def get another one!
05/15/21 | Laura J Swindells

Mr Moom's & Kong Cat Cork..

Mr Moom's loves playing with this toy & snuggling it. It is a 5 star from us!
05/05/21 | Miko

Only played with it when I attached to a dangler pole

Neither of my cats were interested in this toy. I attached it to the end of a dangler wand with string, and then one of them started to be mildly interested, but this is nowhere near as good as other KONG toys such as the kickeroo or cigar.

Not much catnip and not very durable.

My cat loved this ball toy for the first day of having it, after that he lost interest and hasn’t gone near it. The catnip scent seems to be very minimal or wears off quickly. The feathers don’t last well, my cat licked them and they stuck together and didn’t become fluffy again when they dried. The ball itself seems more like a cork effect covering that didn’t hold up well, my cat chewed right through and made holes in it. Disappointing for a Kong toy that are supposed to be durable.

Destoryed in a month

My 4 month old kitten loves playing with it, but is now destroyed and broken in 3 pieces!

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