12/02/21 | Alison

NO more pee out side the box

Our Bengal likes a spray pee and this box has caught all his little incidents very well. Its easy to clean and nice and big for the big boy

03/04/21 | Jo Acharya

No more puddles!

Our cat stands up as he pees so we had puddles outside the tray most days. The high sides on this tray have completely solved the problem. As a bonus the clever lip that goes over the entry point stops a lot of litter from being kicked out too. The plastic screen is a little fiddly to get on but it's not that hard and once on it does the trick. We were hesitant about paying this much for a litter tray but it's the best cat related product we've bought - couldn't be happier!

09/27/20 | Leanne

Excellent product

Got this for our first cat who throws litter everywhere! Has really reduced the mess although he still drags it out on his paws ignoring the step so getting a litter rug. Really like the washable insert, makes changing the litter simple. The plastic inset is great, after reading mixed reviews I found if you ignore the pre folded guides and fix it on from the back it wraps inside and connects to all of the clips without issue or gaps. Am buying a second for my new cat who arrived this week!

01/24/20 | Olga


Happy with the product! Recommending!


Solved all our problems

We struggled to find the right litter tray and have been through a lot of different ones that haven't worked for one of our cats. Our cat hasn't quite mastered his pee positioning so he pees over the side. We tried an enclosed but he didn't like it and prefers the open trays. The high sides and pee shield prevent any mess and meet his preference for open top!