11/21/15 | Feather

Good l large litter box & price.

Spacious enough for 2 cat's to use & for very large cats to fit inside. Height quite good tall enough. Looks good & easy to clean. Opening big enough to put your hand holding the scoop inside & see in to remove wee wee litter & poo immediately without taking the whole top of the box off. Faults are - that although there are 4 locks holding the top to the base & they work, you wouldn't be able to lift it up with litter in it - it would come apart, as other reviews stated (although i see no reason to do that as when I'm cleaning the box i take thd lid off & just carry the base over to the bin or the bin to the tray). The covered little tray is sturdy enough, but I wish it was rigid, thicker plastic. The big issue is that the filter is unusable as cats/kittens can get to it to tear it to pieces - the carbon filter seems irresistible to them! It needs improved to have a covered filter - it smells fine though without - no problems with smells (until the flap is opened & you get a waft) ofcourse. Also - the flap is tinted dark black (not transparent) meaning the box is dark inside, the cat can't see in or out, & we can't see inside. This frightens kittens or beginners - but the door is easily removed until they're braver I suppose. - I had no problem with my young kitten though - I just poked her feather toy in the door & she couldn't resist going in after it, then when she went in I pulled the toy out, jingled it & she gingerly poked out a paw first, then out she came again! I'm pleased with the cat litter box, but would spend more money for a covered filter, a hinged opening front, & rigid material in future. I may even spend that ridiculous amount of money on1 of the dearest boxes, (which I'm sure they don't cost that amount to make) as it is worth it to have one that will not need replacing.

08/21/12 | Debbie

Really good littler tray

I bought this litter tray a few weeks ago. It is fantastic. Some reviews have said the flap comes off + the clips are flimsy, I have not found this to be true. I have 5 cats from my little 1 yr old to my big Bengal queen + none of them have had any trouble with it

08/04/12 | Jenny

Great litter box for larger breeds

I bought this litter box for my Maine Coon girl, it is very spacious compared to a lot of litter boxes on the market giving her plenty of space. I never bothered putting the door on the box, but the litter is still contained very well. Only minor dislike is the clips around the side of the box, as they are not particularly strong - I wouldn't recommend picking the box up by the handle on the top when the box is full of litter! Overall great box- good size and very good value!

06/09/12 | Lee

Bought two.. first order ever

We have three cats, so got two of these. I cannot believe how big they are compared to our normal cat litter trays. I've had to take the doors off the front until they have got used to working out that, that is now the cat litter tray, but as soon as they do, they will be going back on :) Absolute bargain, cheapest I've found online. Even got free P&P too. Would highly recommend. Managed to get two for less than £15 from here. AWESOME A***

02/29/12 | Craig

Excellent litter box

My 1 year old cat has never used a litter box before. However, he very quickly got used to this one and he loves this litter tray. He has been using it for about 2 weeks so far. The litter stays in the tray and the floor is no longer messy. The litter box is nice and big and feels well made. I had to take the door off as my cat does not know how to get in. Good buy, highly recommended.