08/22/21 | Keith Forbes

Poor Bulid

Not very strong, mine cracked on first day of use, door sticks and entirely flimsy plastic.


Cats love it

I never purchased this from zooplus, I got it from pet planet but I've always used these litter boxes with no issues.

03/05/20 | Hannah

Big and awesome

I have big cats Maine coons and bengals and this is fantastic. They can even turn around inside.

08/30/19 | Lauren

Not cat proof

I originally bought this for the size which I admit is perfect. However, I have found that it isn't great for cats with whom it is made for. On the first day, one of my cats had pulled the fabric filter off the top and left a poop on it for me to find. Also my other cat manage to pull the door off and he now proceeds to do this every time he uses it and sometimes also poops on that. So for size I would commend but it isn't sustainable with cats so I would not recommend.

02/08/18 | Katy

Way too flimsy

Just had to throw the whole thing out. I took the box outside to clean it and a gust of wind blew it a very short height onto the floor, which was apparently enough to smash a corner off the supposedly sturdy base and also break off both clips for the lid. We have had issues in the past with these boxes cracking at the bottom through normal use although those boxes were old and we thought they were just worn out. Have now dragged out the basic emergency tray, which while basic has lasted years!

01/16/18 | Elaine Carmichael

Excellent litter box

This is the second Catit litter box I have purchased - very good value for money. This one is very spacious and has plenty of room for my large British Blue cat


Not big enough for large Maine Coon boys

Not large enough, especially not long enough for my Maine Coons. I have to leave the lid open at all times otherwise it would be unusable small. One of my boys stands with his paws on the entrance part of the lid and that part cracked in the middle and on both sides of the lid.

10/05/17 | Stephanie

it's huge!

love how big this is! although our cat currently thinks it's his new home... fingers crossed his mess will stay in the box now

02/05/17 | Mummycat

Excellent Litter Box

Having 2 large Ragdolls, I needed a large litter box and this one certainly fits the brief. I like that it has a hinged bit on the roof for easy emptying and the zebra print is cool!


Broke very quickly

Gutted to report that the door broke straight away but then while emptying the litter out, it cracked right down the side of it. Am really disappointed in the product.

03/11/16 | Linda

Great Buy

I am very pleased with this box, my two (large and tall) cats no longer bang their heads on the top of this box as it is quite high, I can also leave the flap up which gives them more room. I like the fact it is nearly square which means they have room to turn around and yet the box doesn't look too big, only problem I have is that the clips are flimsy and pop off and the door flap sticks a little, otherwise perfect and will be buying another soon

12/29/15 | Linda Gray


Great size for 2 large Birmans. Unfortunately they 'stand up' to pee, so pee runs down the sides and travels along the joint , finally escaping and drizzling out on to the floor. Pity, but there is no overlap on the joint where the lid meets the base. Our last one was fantastic but we bought this as it was bigger and we thought they would be more comfortable with the extra pee/poo space. Not so good for us, back to the drawing board.....


Good for average size Maine Coons

Bought this for our Maine Coon kitten a year ago. Brilliant size and nice and deep. He is now a year old though and even this beast of a litter box is becoming a bit of a squeeze for him. Only down side is the clips on the side are a pain to release. Would highly recommend for large breeds or multi cat households

05/27/14 | Tsuki

Fantastic litter box

I bought one of these as my kitty grew out of his first litter box and was starting to struggle to turn around in it, he took to it immediately and is happily using the tray with the door attached, he no longer has to poke his head out the door while using the tray as it's lovely and roomy inside :D I do agree with one reviewer who mentioned the filter needs a cover but my cat hasn't bothered with it so far. The bag anchor is an excellent idea and eliminates the problem of messing around trying to hold the bag open while scooping, it works brilliantly even with supermarket carrier bags. I've so far had no problems whatsoever with this tray, it's amazing!


nice and big great design

Nice and big for bigger breads. Flap lid opens nice and big to clean without removing whole lid

01/01/14 | Helen E Ralley

Excellent Item!

This is probably one of the best things I have every purchased. I used to use an open litter tray but one of my cats was insistent in kicking the litter absolutely everywhere. This excellent covered litter box has solved all the problems of finding litter throughout the house! The box is sturdy and fit for purpose and easy to assemble/dismantle for cleaning etc. The filter isn't that brilliant but that still wouldn't stop me from recommending the item or purchasing another if I ever needed to. Top class item.

09/08/13 | P. Jensen (Denmark)

Good product

This product is good and fulfills it purpose. However, as the owner of two male kittens, I have had a bit of a problem with the filter, as they have been pulling it out of the top. As they are indoor cats and unaccustomed to flaps, I used the litter box swing flap to cover the filter, after which they have lost interest in the filter. Other than that, I am very pleased with the product and would recommend it to others. PS. If the filter had been completely covered, I would have given 5 stars.


Excellent Litter Box

We have just purchased one of these for our two house cats. Their litter trays always get well used and this is our first hooded tray. It is excellent, they are quite big cats so it is a great size for them. It does take up a bit of space but that's ok for us and I wouldn't want it any smaller. Holds the odour very well and as yet we haven't had any problems with the cats trying to pull the filter out. Works very well at keeping the litter in too.

02/21/12 | Claire

Filter needs a cover!

A lovely sized litter tray, nice to look at but the filter really needs a cover over it to stop pesky paws ripping it off - if you have a half active breed I possibly wouldnt recommend this because of that reason. Ive had to take it out which has left the top gaping open