07/07/22 | Amanda Casey


Looked lovely and cite very sort snd lightweight. The mess was terrible looked like kids had been playing with glitter, had litter mat but ended up sll over the house. Ended up mixing it with my clumping litter which I.prefer to non clumping, and I must admit it looks rather cool, white with pink or blue glitter. .
05/12/22 | Vanessa Morris

Best litter ever!

My only complaint with this product is the shortage. I own ten indoor rescue cats. This is by far their favourite choice. It lasts way longer than even the normal crystal cat litter. As I have so many cats, I am conscious of cat smells. This litter makes sure there are none. It also lasts longer between full litter changes. The cat poo comes out so easily and because of the size of the crystals, they are not wasted by being collected with my pooper scooper sieve.

Way too expensive for the amount

I purchased this cat litter thinking that 5 litters would be 5kgs, but in reality it’s only 2kgs. I always buy the same amount for 2.99 so quite a big difference in price.

Best cat litter we’ve found

This is a total game changer. We have 2 indoor cats and have previously been very conscious of cat odour in the house but this litter eliminates all smell. On top of that, it last 2+ weeks and the cats love to use it. Previously litters have also traveled throughout the house but this stays close to the tray. Can’t recommend enough!
02/02/22 | Julia


Yes it works and absorbs just like the other Tigerino crystals, all of which I have previously bought. However, there seems to be a product shortage at the moment so the only Tigerino crystals available in January were these pink ones. I bought 6 bags and wish I hadn't. This lot is nothing like the Aloe, Lavender etc ones. It's like playsand. Imagine sticking your toddler in it, then let them run through your living room. You get the idea. Don't buy unless you enjoy hoovering 6 times a day
10/13/21 | Maggie C


I’ve been buying Sanicat for ages, but I’m definitely switching to this one now! Best litter so far. It’s very economical and affordable, absorbs the odour very well and my cat is not spreading the crystals all over the place. Very happy with the purchase 👍🏻
06/06/21 | Clare

Too fine!

Bought six packs of this in error, and didn’t realise how fine it was, but wont be buying again. Love the other Tigerino Crystals which I’ve now ordered but this fine stuff gets everywhere. After a couple of days was stuck to bottom of tray like rock hard icing sugar.
05/24/21 | Emily Martin

Awful cat litter

I’ve been buying tigerino for years, and this new pink fun formulation is terrible, it’s like sand, gets everywhere, doesn’t stop odour and i just had to get it out of my cats eye.
11/17/20 | Paula B

Giving up on this: not what it was

For several years I used this litter and found it economical, easy to keep clean and free of odour. Then for ages it was unavailable. When it came back on to the site I was delighted and have since bought many bags of it but I am now moving on to something else because the formula has changed and it now does not last as well, becomes smelly very quickly and is just unpleasant for my cats. I have no idea why what was once the very best litter in my opinion has now become one of the worst.
09/12/20 | Ninette Page

**********Best crystal-type litter I've ever used!!***********

These crystals are very fine, almost like sugar. My cats love it - soft for them to stand on and to paw at it as much as they like - soft on their paws. They've stopped used the other litter tray with traditional large crystals, as they much prefer these lovely pink ones! Also, for me having to clean out the litter, it couldn't be easier. The fine crystals falls through the gaps in the scoop and only the pooh stays behind, making it very easy to dispose only the pooh. Highly recommended!!!
06/18/20 | Louise

Check your cats eyes after use!

I ordered some of these as the regular crystals I usually order were out of stock due to the pandemic. Never again! They're so small they get EVERYWHERE! My cat has a hooded litter tray but I was still finding pink crystals all over the house. I noticed on two occasions that my cat had something stuck in her eye...when I took a closer look it was these litter crystals stuck in the corner of her eye and on the waterline of her eye too. Please check your cats eyes after using them!
06/05/20 | Paula B

Latest batch seems different

I have been using this litter for years (except for the period when Zooplu decided to cease stocking it) and have previously written a five star review. It is still by far the best litter I have found and a recent spell using up stocks of others I tried when I could not get the Fun litter confirmed this. I think that the formulation has changed, however, as this latest batch is not as good. It seems less absorbent and is inclined to form small clumps which are difficult to mix in.

Excellent litter

Very pretty does the job and I don’t have crystals everywhere
03/15/20 | AVRIL Russell

Fun litter

My cats love this cat litter no mess at all.
09/28/19 | Jane

They ok

Not sure why I ordered such a small packet of litter, as I have very large Maine coons. It took two to fill one tray. It’s a nice pink colour, hoping it won’t dye my white cat pink. Trying to find something they don’t deposit all over the floor. Fingers crossed.


If you have the Petsafe automatic litter tray then this is the ideal litter to use instead of the expensive official one. It's more like a sand consistency than other crystal litters and therefore suits the automatic machine perfectly. I reuse the disposable tray for approx 4 months and replace litter weekly, this stuff is ideal! So pleased I found this!
06/30/19 | Kat Smyth

The Best!

We did a trial of this litter for you about 4 years ago, I loved it, and continued to use it. I was so disappointed when you stopped stocking this, we changed back to the original but it doesn't match up. Please continue with this version. Its so much cleaner to use, more delicate on paws and is the most effective for smell. So Happy its back in Stock!
06/15/19 | Paula B

Pleased to see this back in stock

When Zooplus stopped selling this some time ago I tried all sorts of alternatives but nothing matches the ease of disposal, lack of odour and sheer convenience of this long-lasting litter. My only criticism is that it is a bit dusty (despite the claims to the contrary) but there is very little tracking and I am so pleased to see it on the site again that I am stocking up in case it disappears again.

Mixed batch included clumping litter

I had the same experience as a previous reviewer in that the litter was clumping and not lasting as long. I have been using these fine crystals for some time and have previously left a very positive review but was disappointed with this latest batch. When I checked the packet I discovered that some of the bags delivered were actually labelled as clumping litter, which explains the clumping but nit why I received this instead of what was ordered.
12/19/17 | Angela

Avoid this

After using the tigerino crystals the last 6 months decided to try the coloured stuff .. omg never again .. does not absorb any odours whatsoever .. would not recommend at all .. will be going back to crystals which are absolutely amazing .. the best I’ve ever used

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