06/17/22 | Ed Saunders

The Worst Ever!

This is literally the worst cat litter ever made! How it got through design and testing at Tigerino I have no idea. It'd be more useful as something to cover up your garden flower beds than trapping cat toilet activities. Avoid if you can and go for the clumping gravel type litter. I'm never buying this again

Why is it now so expensive ?

Been using this years , but just can’t afford the £10 plus price rise of late.
03/09/22 | Chris Brook

Quality changed

Been using this for at least 5 years. Sometime in the last 6 - 12 months it has changed. Doesn't soak up and mask the smell any more. Now lasts the same time as cheaper litter making it a very expensive option. BUY CATSAN HYGIENE PLUS. Its far cheaper and does a better job.

why is it suddenly SO expensive?!

the price is normaly good, but now - it is SO expensive, and the Bitiba silica wich is cheaper, is very bad. it don't prevent any smell from urine. I think it is because the bags is smaller.

Changed for the worse.

I've used this cat litter for years and years, and it's always been a brilliant product at great value. Unfortunately recently it's completely changed, and now the granules are much finer and go yellow and foul smelling after a few days. I'm now having to change it so often that it now works out cheaper to switch to a better quality product, though I'll still be paying more. Really disappointed!
03/10/21 | Michelle

It’s changed!

Why have they changed the crystals to sand. It’s awful stuff gets everywhere like pink glitter. Won’t buy again
09/01/20 | Charlotte C

Lasted 3 days with 1 cat

I usually love silica cat litters so i thought i would give this a try due to good reviews. The gel crystals looked fine but within 1 day half had turned yellow, after 3 days the smell is so strong i have had to bleach the litter tray and my cat wouldn't use it. I was removing solid waste twice per day and stirring the litter twice per day so it had every chance to work. By far the worst cat litter i have ever used and will not be purchasing again
06/24/20 | Sarah Thomson

Best cat litter!

This is by far the best cat litter I've bought (and I've tried alot of them for my two furbabies) Cat trays can get smelly quickly but with this stuff contains any smells really well. The colours are nice for us humans to look at too!
03/10/20 | Angela Dawson


I have many cats they all use the same litter the crystals are a little sharp but no injuries it keeps the wee smell in a poo I get rid of when they do one as some of my cats don't bury them it smells if not taken out

Stick to the one pack even if it’s more expensive

I’ve had two experiences with this product. The first time I ordered the one pack, which was great and the crystals were fine. The second time I ordered the value pack. However, it couldn’t be any different!!! The Crystals, in the value pack, were too small and fine and more of a powder than crystals. Even the colour of the blue crystals in it were different. It’s more like silica sand, not crystal. Stick to the single pack even if it’s more expensive.
05/05/19 | Megan Longworth

Not a success

I have used wood pellets for my three cats for a long time. A couple of months ago I bought 6 bags of this to try. It is nice and light. A plus for me because I am disabled. My 20 year cat liked it but my 2 5 years olds did not . It only lasted a week before I had completely change the litter. The urine all pooled at the bottom of the tray. Horrible to clean out . I will not buy again
04/25/19 | Vivien

trial pack

i tried a trial pack of this litter but found that the urine went through to the tray and made it very difficult to clean went back to Catsan
02/25/19 | Helen P

Great litter, no smell

I love this litter, and so do my cats. It absorbs smells brilliantly, and is easy to use. With 2 indoor cats I use one bag in a large litter tray and need to change it completely every 8 days, and of course remove solids daily. (The packaging optimistically says one bag should last 3 weeks with 2 cats. I have no idea how, unless my cats pee twice as much as normal cats!) It's not the cheapest litter on the market, but I will keep buying it.
01/09/19 | Michela

What happened?

I have been using this product for years, both XXL and the standard one and always been very happy. However, in the past year I have noticed a dramatic change in quality: it does not absorb the pee and the odour is really bad. Unfortunately I am now going to have to change product. Shame.
01/05/19 | Amira

Potentially dangerous and annoying

My little boy kitty has had a few instance with this litter where the crystals get stuck onto the end of his penis and have to be pulled off, which hurts him. We have to check him every time he uses it. It's also really annoying to have to keep cleaning up the crystals as they get kicked out of the tray, and don't get caught in the tray mat when kitty gets out. The absorption is decent, but we always end up with urine pooling at the bottom of the tray, and it stinks.
08/06/18 | Alison Harris


Love this cat litter and so does my cat it's cheap and affordable and lasts ages. Will keep 're ordering. Keep providing the product please.
07/25/18 | Josefine

Tried it but went back to woodbased litter

This litter was my first try with silicate litters for my two longhaired cats and it was not a success. The crystals got stuck in their fur, ending up around the flat. One of my cats started to get sneezing fits from this, had never had them before. It's very dusty. This is the main reason I stopped using the product, I was concerned it would end up in her lungs. Also, found that it didn't keep the smell away after a while, and didn't last as long as my usual Cat's Best Smart Pellets.
03/17/18 | Charlotte

Something has changed and it’s awful

I used to use the stuff religiously and found it was exceptional at odour control and absorption however when I bought it a few months ago the smell and rate it absorbed urine was horrendous. I put it down to a bad batch and switched to the tigerino clumping clay which was amazing. The problem with the clay is that it tracks around the house and creates other issues and so recently tried the silica gel again but I found the same problems. It seems that tigerino have changed it for the worse
03/15/18 | Josefine

First try with Silica litter, cats like it.

I've nearly always used Nature's Gold clumping litter for my 2 longhaired cats but thought I'd try this litter on special deal. I left one litter tray with Nature's Gold, and put this silica litter in the other one. I have the Modkat litter boxes so needed couple or three bags to fill up enough in the tray. At first only one of the cats would try it, after a day or two. Now she only uses this new litter and the other cat has also started preferring this. Keeps smells down, but is quite dusty.
03/12/18 | JD

Does not last and pools

I wanted to try an alternative to clumping as I was having issues with it sticking to the tray. The trial went well taking two weeks to cut over from clumping. However one of the cats has started urinating outside the box. 3 days after changing the crystals he starts urinating outside. We clean solids out every day and stir the crystals but the smell of urine is extremely strong and there is excessive pooling at the bottom of the tray. Does not last the 2 weeks stated for 2 cats.

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