06/13/22 | Veronica

Best on the Market

I've tried all sorts of litter's and I find Tigerino crystals to be the best so far. I have 3 cats and 3 litter boxes I can go a good 3 weeks before they are changed, I find people do not use enough boxes when they have multiple cat's, one of the reviews on here was a complaint as it states she has 3 cats with 2 litter boxes! No wonder the urine pooled and smelled. I have one on the balcony one in the front room hidden and one in the bathroom. Excellent not dusty and tracking is not too bad.
12/22/21 | J SMITH

Very disappointed

Trialled and disagree with claims. I have three cats and 2 hooded litter tray, both with Urine smell absorbers - the crystals did not absorb the urine effectively and I had to empty the whole box after a week and replace using new. I tried again, and within three days I could smell urine. Not happy.
10/29/21 | Magda K

Not true!

1 package for two kittens was enough for just a week! For 1 kitten max 10 days. A good product, but not enough for as long as the manufacturer writes.
10/27/21 | Maisy

Best litter I’ve used

I have 7 cats and this works brilliantly. No smells and if scooped daily lasts all week before I have to change it. The best thing I’ve tried, I’ve tried everything but this is the best!
11/28/20 | Della


I have 4 cats, 3 of them use the litter tray. There is NEVER a smell of cat pee! Change it about every 10 days. It’s easy and ouderless to change too. Highly recommend
05/16/20 | Adele Edwards

Can trigger breathing problems

If either you or the cat has a weak chest, avoid using this product. I had a severe asthma attack to it, as did the cat, have something very similar. Far too dusty in the air!
01/28/20 | Angela Dawson


I have a lot of cats so needed a cat litter to suit all this is the best for long lasting if you clean out excesses every day I put a puppy pad in the bottom easy to clean it keeps urine smell at bay I change it every 3/4 days depending on who uses the tray it can mark the bottom of the base but it swills off with water I also put a puppy pad outside the cat tray just under to catch litter no cat litter is perfect
01/14/20 | susan

good quality

all smell great
12/12/19 | Pamela

Great product

I've been using it for more than a year for my 2cats,they are outdoor, but do tend to be a bit more in the cold and wet weather, I found that like others have said, all the wee goes to the bottom, but it's not a problem, I just use litter liners! My cats like it, I don't have any smell from the tray, and I remove the poos daily, but change the full tray maybe once a month. I personally think it's a brilliant product and will continue to use it 😊

Lasts a long time

Lasts a long time, retains smell really well. Very happy with product!
08/25/19 | Jana

Tigerino trial pack

Decided to try this and what a pleasant surprise! No smell (unless my cat does a fresh poop, but even that smell gets absorbed after some time) and it is so easy to clean the box. I scoop the poop on regular basis and clean the whole box once a week. 5kg bag lasts a good 3-4 weeks. The crystals do get carried around the close vicinity of the box, but nothing too major - 10 seconds of hoovering sorts this. And my cat seems to like the litter, so we will definitely stick to this one.
06/24/19 | Jo

Really Good

Great litter, very little tracking and no smell. My cats prefer silica litter and Tigerino is a great price. I tend to get between 3-4 weeks of use before I need to change it. The only thing is that it isn’t as good at soaking up urine as other cat litters. Sometimes I find the urine has pooled underneath the crystals, but my cats do pee in the same spot so that might be why.

Caution if cat sneezes with any new litter used stop using immediately

Loved trial pack idea, no snells from litter box very little treading, crystals are rather sharp though. Wont be using it again though as both of us started to sneeze whenever it was in litter box. Should of thrown it out when i realised it was cause of cat sneezing he ended up with ‘hot spot’ and am fairly certain was allergic reaction to this product. Shame as was better at elimanating odours and less tracking than my current brand
12/11/18 | Kristine

Cat Litter

Very good product, for two male cats. I have no urine smell and it’s easy to scoop out their poo. I can get a weeks use out of one bag with both cats using the same tray.

Be careful

In terms of holding the liquid it is good. But be careful - my cat was caught eating it multiple times so I just stopped using it. And its quite dusty making my cat sneeze a lot when using it. Also the recommended time didn't really apply so had to change it more often. I used the lavender one and it stained the litter box. Also having the chunky pieces tracking around causing more inconvenience so just had to move onto another brand.
10/25/18 | Dianne

Best Ever Cat Litter

I've used Tigerino for a few years now and have found it is by far the best litter I've used. Very little tracking and no smell. The most I can get out of a bag is two weeks, not a month like stated but its still longer than normal litter lasts.
09/04/18 | Simone Davidson

Best Ever Cat Litter

As a cat foster Mum of 10 cats, l couldn't express how much Tigerino has made my chore of cleaning up each box, much more pleasurable. Also when ive been out for a few hours, there's not a whiff of faeces nor urine, just a lovely smell of scented powder. However the plastic carrier containing the litter is a trifle weak. My second bag had the tiniest split where litter was spilling out like a waterfall. Fortunately I had had an old washing up basin at hand to put the ripped bag inside.

Too dusty and tracks

I really had high hopes, but this littler is awful. It gets reeeally dusty, I ended up coughing really badly every time I was mixing it around so imagine what its doing to my cats lungs! It also tracks and the pain is the worst if it ends up under your feet! Lastly, my cats pee would end up at the bottom of his hooded litter box even though I put a min of 5cm of litter. Would never ever get this again nor recommend!
06/16/18 | Aida

Tigarino Cat Litter

The best cat litter on the market. I have one Siamese indoor cat and I get three weeks out of one 5 litre bag. There is no smell even though the crystals discolour. The only downside is used to be £9.99 for 3 5 litre bags and that has recently gone up to £12.99 for three bags which I feel is a bit pricey.
06/15/18 | Faith

Tigerino Cat Litter

Tigarino Cat Litter is by far the best cat litter I have ever used. I have one Siamese house cat and 1, 5 litre bag does me three weeks and when I empty the tray into the bag to clean it the tray is dry even though the litter has turned yellow in colour. If you have never tried it give it a try. ***** stars from me. I will never use another litter again, I love it.

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