07/07/21 | Reema


smells nice and easy to clean. bag doesn’t last long enough though
07/07/21 | Marina

If I could, will give a 0 stars

So, at the first two day I was impressed. However at third day I start to to notice, that crystals was everywhere. I have a two cats and one bag last 5 day, however when you change the litter, your eyes will hurts from cat urine. Do not recommend!
05/04/21 | Weronika

The best

Yes it’s the best ,
02/22/21 | Beth

Best Cat Litter

I have 3 cats and this is the only litter that lasts the longest. I buy the multipack and it can last up to two months! It also smells great, I love this one and the lavender. Would highly recommend :)
11/13/20 | Natalia Suvorova

My cat didn't like it. Trial package is too big.

Wanted to try new cat litter got trial package of 6 bags of different scent (Should have bought just 1 bag to try instead). Unfortunately didn't work for us. Coloured granules are very big and I think my cat thinks it's a poo and didn't use it even once. Flower Power smell - a bit too strong and smells like flower toilet spray, i'm wondering if it is so strong for me, what is does to cat Lavender - smell is ok, but granules were dark purple. Classic - has no specific smell and blue granules.
09/30/20 | Wiktoria

Best litter

Nice flower shell, no mess around litter box. Amazing 👍
09/21/20 | Ruth

Needs replacing every 4 days - not 4 weeks

OneWe get through 4 bags a week not!!! We have 4 cats so use a large litter tray (we have the Catit Jumbo tray). 1 bag is not nearly enough, so we put in either 1 and a half or 2 bags at a time. I completely replaced the litter tray 3 days ago and have just had to replace it all again as there were great big puddles in the bottom of the tray. We have followed the instructions and removed the solids and mixed up the litter. At this rate, we are getting through 4 bags a week!
06/18/20 | Louise

Smells nice

I got the multipack with different scents in to try out a few different litters for my cat. The flower power one smells lovely and my cat seems to like it too
05/22/20 | Beka

Best litter for multi cats

Best litter we have found for our multi cat household. One bag fills a tray and lasts 2 weeks with scoops everyday before needing a full change, that might be too soon for some but that extra week for us is great. We have 10 cats and a lot of litter trays so it was great to find a litter that lasts longer than a week before needing a full change. Absorbs urine well and there is no smell 🐱
05/21/20 | JC

First time using

I normally use cat san hygiene but thought of try this - the scent and Crystal's being the difference than I am used to. Firstly, quite dusty when pouring out but once in the tray it's nicewhite Crystal's. Didn't notice any scent at this point, but apparently it's when it's been used? Removing poop seems a lot 'cleaner', the Crystal's cover really well. Urine- discolour the Crystal's but as long as its 'shaken' to distribute it's ok. Would I order again?? Yes!
04/20/20 | Richard Otterwell

Only good for 3 or 4 days

Very disappointed. There is no way that this would last for a month. It was excellent for three days but by the 5th day the tray was soaking wet with urine and my one cat refused to use it. The 2 stars are for the first three days. If I could afford to change it every 3 days it would be fine but hugely expensive.
03/24/20 | Diana

Great cat sand!

Not the biggest fan of the scent (flower power) but it was the only scent left at the time, it smells a bit like an old lady but it’s not bad. It covers the smell perfectly, cleaning the tray doesn’t feel like such a chore anymore. I’ve tried the wood pellets, the grey non clumping and clumping kind with scent or no scent, this is by far the best one and it doesn’t make such a mess when the kitty comes out!
10/12/19 | Adele

Leaves cat smelling nice

This litter is really good but you need to put a lot of it in the litter tray to let it dry out when the cat does wee. This product doesn’t last as long as it states on the bag, I normally get about 10 days worth out of it before it takes a while to absorb the wee. However, this litter leaves my cat smelling really nice and flowery after she’s been to the tray, rather than smelling like poop!

Excellent car litter

Smells great, great to eliminate bad odours, lasts long even for my 2 cats and can be recycled, double bonus!
06/08/19 | Melanie Dempster

Huge Disappointment

Bought this because of all the great reviews...but it has to be one of the worst smelling litters I’ve ever had!! I tend to use the Silica Litter from B&Ms (which is great and never smells) bought this as I was getting a big order. 3 days after filling the litter tray it absolutely stinks. Its easy to remove the poop but the smell remains. Looking back I see the positive reviews are all from a while ago, I don’t know if they’ve changed the composition of this or something. Will never buy again.
04/07/19 | Sarah Rickard

Confused about the good reviews

Our indoor cat stinks up our house really badly and I've been desperate to try silica litter as I've heard good personal reviews from friends. Not this brand necessarily but others. This is the first one we've tried, and if possible, it smells worse than with clay litter? We used a full 5l bag on Monday, understanding the principle is that you change it every 2 to 4 weeks for a single cat. It's only Sunday! Less than I week and we're exasperated and disappointed with the promise and the product.
12/18/18 | Trinny


I can't believe this litter gets so many good reviews! I've tried all the popular litters now and would not buy this again. 1 bag lasts a week and smells really bad, meaning you have to empty the litter tray and wash it every week. In the beginning, I thought it's great that you only scoop out the poo but I'd hate to think what the cats think of walking on their own wee as it stays in the litter. Works out expensive and not economical at all. Back to Greenwoods for me.....
07/28/18 | Jaine

15 cats so I know my litter !

Tried most litters on Zooplus & finally found one I love. This is a gem, Only the flower power seems to last the longest & does not get smelly. the box stays dry, tracking is easy to hoover as no dust & all my rescue cats get on with it. Awesome.
04/02/18 | Caroline

My husband loves it

My husband took up the cat litter task (bless him) and started to get quite desperate with Catsan. Even though our 10 months old cat goes outdoors, she waits to get home to do her #1s and 2s... I ordered several cat litters (Oko Plus, World's Best and Tigerino), he tried out Tigerino first and just loves it. What a difference! I am not even sure he wants to try the first two anymore, and will definitely order more of this one. It smells 90% less and lasts much longer than Catsan.

Doesn't smell

Really good, doesn't smell or track, soooo much better than catsan

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