09/08/21 | Ry

They work but sticky

Pee is soaked by crystals but then they become really sticky and attach to your litter bag or base tray.
08/19/21 | Roxana

NOT dust free

We bought this for our kitten that has ashtma because it was advertised as dust free and it's not! Big mistake when we filled the litter box in the house we had a plume of dust in the air. Other then that it's good, barely any tracking and 2x 5L pouches lasts our kitten 2 weeks.
02/18/21 | Sarah Bowen

Brilliant Stuff!

I had to buy this when the standard Tigerino silicate litter was out of stock, but I'll definitely be ordering this in future. My cats don't seem to track this as far from the tray as the standard litter, it's easier to see to sweep up when they do and it is much less dusty. It works as well as the standard bags, so I'm very pleased with it.
01/02/21 | Kornelija

Good stuff

Best cat litter ever used
01/24/20 | Jeff

Very good

Perfect price
12/08/19 | Wai Kin Cheung

Poor litter

This time the XXL crystal litter is very poor, it’s nowhere XXL, it was all mostly powder I ordered 2 box which has 6 bags per box and i’am very disappointed with the order this time. I’ve been a loyal customer and have been buying from zooplus for a very long time and now I have lost trust in this product I don’t know if the product will still be the same again

Like this product but does not last as long as they state

I love that the product is not very dusty - does not track and is absorbent. It does not last my two cats any where near as long as they state in advertising, But that might be my being fussy The product does turn yellow as it gets used. My two cats get through 1.5 bags a week - so you can see from that that it is no where near as long lasting as they state. If I left it longer the litter would be completely yellow and it would smell.
08/11/19 | Caz


For the first time in years i thought i would change my cat litter as our cat family has increased to three... what a mistake. So disappointed with this product, it was messy, left my utility smelling despite removing poo's almost immediately. When cleaning the tray it left a slushy mess. It is suggested on the packet that the product will last two weeks for three cats sadly despite putting two packets in our large tray I had to change it after five days. I am happily returning to my old brand .
07/25/19 | William Ziccardi

Worse cat litter I have ever used

I have been using pretty much the same brand of cat litter (Golden Grey) for the past 2 years. My wife bought Tigerino as it was on offer and it was described as odourless and eco-friendly. Worst purchase ever. The utility room stinks every time the cats use it, no matter how frequently we clean it. Also we have used 15 kgs in less than a month when normally 14kgs of Golden lasts far longer! Total waste of money, I have just placed a new order of our usual litter.

Goes everywhere

Sucks up the pee well but... oh my god the messiest litter iv ever tried won't purchase again in fact have away the last bag couldn't take it anymore
01/10/18 | Peter

Fails in comparison

I ordered a trial pack of three of the XXL crystal version having been very successful with the standard version. One bag arrived split - perhaps due to the larger crystals and Zooplus refunded the cost of this. In retrospect this was fortunate. This version fails in comparison as the larger size allows urine to pool underneath. The result was concretions of urine and silcate stuck to the bottom of the litter tray, something not happening with the standard size crystals.
10/16/17 | maggie

old one was better

new xxl litter not hiding any bad smell. get in dirty quick. old one for same cat and same food been with me for month ( one bag) but new one need to change after just one-two weeks. i’m so disappointed.
07/02/17 | Klaudia


I have used the Tigerino lavender crystals which are great but I bought this ones to see if there is any difference. They are great, even better than the lavender ones. Crystals are bigger and more absorbent. Definitely the best cat litter! I also like the Tigerino deodorant powder for more freshness.
05/02/16 | Gertie

Best cat litter and great value

I highly recommend this cat litter. I have a cat that spends most time indoors and uses a litter often. Tigerino lasts for nearly 4 weeks and there is little smell by the time we need to change it.
02/12/16 | Katy Butfield

Never look back !

This product does what it says, it work a treat, and last as long as they say ! Im converted and would even consider buy another brand. Thank you for making my indoor cats life a fresh smell free zone

Waste of money

Crystal are larger than the picture. Very dusty, myself and one of my cats didn't like the amount of dust gets on your chest. Crystal turn yellow very quickly and used 15l in 2 weeks for 3 house cats. Also smells when crystals turn yellow. Overall not very pleasant and won't be buying again.
10/08/15 | Sara Herrera

The very best

This litter is my dream come true. I have no more words, you just need to try it.
08/27/15 | Duncan

Not as good as claimed

Bought this product with high hopes but unfortunately whilst solids were easily removed, liquids did not clump. 8L of crystals quickly turned yellow and began to produce a strong amonia smell. After five days our two medium sized cats would not use their tray due to this odour, despite the product claiming 5L would last 15-20 days. Positives: the tray was very easy to clean afterwards and the crystals were relatively well contained compared to other litters. We have switched back to Tigerino Canada Cat Litter which is a much more hygenic product.
05/26/15 | Gina McIntyre

Simply the best

This is just the best cat litter I have ever used! Will never use anything else, brilliant. Highly recommended.
05/04/15 | L. Gutteridge

Best cat Litter EVER !

I have been using this for many months now. I was very sceptical at first as my cat is 'fussy' and I want the least work to clean up. ! I have had many cats and moved from the clogging variety to the 'wood ' type litter many years ago. This is so easy to clean -both in and out the tray!!My cat used to leave 'wood dust ' wherever she walked . But not now... Its nice to have a perfumed smell around and no bad odours. Finally it is delivered to my door and is far less costly than previous. I use about one bag a week...not leaving it as long as sometimes suggested.

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