04/24/22 | Agnes

It is not working!

It is not working, rubbish, do NOT buy. Very disappointed! I want my money back!


Worst cat litter

This is the worst cat litter I’ve ever used. Order by mistake instead of the original cats best. It doesn’t clump, it’s does not mask the odour and is really difficult to clean out without wasting lots of litter. Might be a bit cheaper but it doesn’t last anywhere near as long. Inconvenient, smelly and all round terrible.

01/16/22 | Mel

Got a 5 stars from a Vet

I’m a Vet and this litter is just perfect it’s safe it’s dust free non clumping is perfect for hygiene in cats holds great amounts of pee no smelly after few days it has medium size litter great size because normally other small size litter most likely to go into there ears noses and between there paws and stuck there. That’s not what we need at all . But this is just perfect I recommend this to any age stage of cat and kittens. Don’t use clumping litters is dangerous for your fur baby’s !!!

01/05/22 | Leanne

Not clumping at all!!

Bought 2 bags and unfortunately they are not clumping at all, totally waste of money, should just stick with the brand I used to purchase

06/02/21 | Natalia

My kitten refused it

I do not want to say anything wrong about this litter. Maybe my kitten is just allergic to this type of litter. But she refused it from the beginning. And went to do her puh puh around the home! But she came to wee to the tray!!!! I do not know a reason.I like this litter :))),it is not smell at all.

01/25/21 | Amanda Emery

Great Product

really great product easy to clean and no bad odours


Great product

Really like this litter. Wish it came in larger packs. Its lightweight and smells good. No dust. It does tread a bit but all litters do a bit.

10/19/20 | cheryl

Too large & firm of litter

My cat didnt seem to like this and it tracks around the house too much. Its large pieces of litter.