09/11/21 | Jodie

Worth the money

Would definitely recommend this cat flap. Easy to install and free app is easy to navigate. Worth the extra money compared to other microchip cat flaps to be able to keep an eye on which cats are inside and outside. The app pushes notifications when your cat enters or leaves through the catflap.

03/28/21 | Sally Squires

Amazing gadget worth every penny

I had this installed by a glazier into a double glazed patio door. It looks great but that was also expensive. I had a few teething troubles but the help desk was very responsive and sorted that out within days. I love that I can set the door for each cat independently. Also the tracker feature so I know who’s in and who’s out. So well designed.

01/28/20 | Simon Davies

Excellent product

I upgraded from the microchip sureflap which worked flawlessly for 9 years. Love the extra control with this connected catflapa and the ability to give remote control to my cat sitter when she needs to know the cat is in to give medication. Hub and flap easy to set up and connected first time

07/10/19 | Gosia

great product

Just got my microchip cat flap and hub and its work perfect,its shows you movments of your cat on the app.The hub is very cute with that cat ears.

01/15/19 | Dee

Works brilliantly

Set it up easily with my 2 cats . Just put some treats in the tunnel. Stops little Paddy from next door but one stealing my cats food. Sweet little cat but Greedy


Very good

Easy to instal, works as described. Our relatively small cats didn’t take long to learn to use it. It does click so if you have a cat who objects to snappy / clicking noises it might be an issue, but ours will sit next to us while we use power tools so it was no problem for them. Best of all, the big bad bully cat who kept coming in and terrorising ours is now kept out. Highly recommended.

12/13/18 | sophie Ride

VIP entrance!

With the price of this product I wanted to give it 6 months before reviewing.This has been such a great purchase!! It gives the cats their daytime freedom and they enjoy going through the the tunnel.I am happy as I know that nothing else can come in the house without the chip opening the door and the draft excluder on it is perfect at keeping the cold out. I've used 3 tunnel add ons for this on my back house wall and it's fine.The click people speak of is not an issue for my two cats (3yrs old)


Fantastic Flap, absolutely love it

We have had this connected cat flap for 3 months and absolutely love it. We upgraded from the sureflap microchip cat flap and are so happy with this new product. Fitting was pretty straight forward and the set up of the internet side of things was easy, seamless and has worked perfectly since installation. It is so reassuring to be able to monitor our cats comings and goings no matter where we are. A Definite Five Stars from us

04/01/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

Excellent flap

We installed this flap for our cat and it works great. You get messages on your phone, if and when your cat leaves and enters the house. The flap is of good quality and locks out any unwanted animals without a matching chip. I would buy it again!


My cat and I love it!

Since I travel a lot for work, sometimes overnight, this flap is a great addition to my home. Now I know even when I'm away if my cats are ok and if they are safe at home. Super easy to install and I've had no problems with the Connect - everything worked the first time!