Great cat flap

This large cat flap is perfect for my cats. They can come and go as they please until the curfew mode kicks in, they are in for the night. I had a minor issue when first installed called customer service, had a new one the next day. They even paid to return to defective one. Great service

04/29/17 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Outstanding Cat Flap

A year since it was fitted and we can't rate this cat flap highly enough. We were newcomers to the world of cats and a work coleague recommended this cat flap. We have found it really easy to program & it continues to work faultlessly for our two young cats. The red battery warning light has just started flashing after 12 months of continued use. We definitely didn't expireience any draught issues as suggested by a previous reviewer. We absolutely love it.

03/24/17 | originally published in zooplus.de

Finally a cat flap that works

This is the third type of microchip flap that we've bought. The 1st one only worked when connected to mains power. The 2nd one would only open from the inside, so our cat was stuck outside. This cat flap keeps our little escape artist inside when it's locked. He had a bit of difficulty to start. The reader takes a short time to read the microchip before it opens the door. He is used to it now.


Very good flat with several useful functions

Very good product with several different modes. My two timid cats are very timid and they were scared to use the flap because of the click sound. Started off using non-microchip reading mode, then moved to maximum delay option. Now they use the flap happily without any hesitation. Highly recommended.

02/07/17 | originally published in zooplus.ie

amazing product

amazing product, works perfectly with my 2 cats. Easy to use, cats learned quicly how to get out and in. Keeps unwanted visitors away so residents can feel comfy and safe at home.

09/22/16 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Prevents food theft by neighbourhood cats

The main reason I bought this was to prevent food theft by a couple of the neighbourhood cats but it also helps to keep the food fresher for longer as our cat is a grazer. The training mode is very good, very useful and very effective; there are settings for cautious cats too. It is easy to clean. So, full marks from me.

09/02/16 | originally published in zooplus.de


This cat flap does what it should. The manual makes installation and setup relatively simple. The flap opens for the right cats at the right time!