10/04/21 | Adam W

Excellent device

This flap is usually used to stop unwanted cats coming IN, but by simply turning it round I am using it to stop my young kitten from going OUT. My older cat's microchip is programmed to the unit so he is free to come and go as he pleases - a bit of lateral thinking! The unit is very easy to fit (like most cat flaps) but a third hand would definitely be helpful. Ever so easy to programme one's cat to it and I don't understand some reviewers' comments regarding a 'click' - it's really not loud!


Not a successful purchase

I bought this as my elderly cat is being bothered by the cat next door. The installation was easy the cat flap looks great quality but that is where the good stuff ends. The programming Was fiddly and despite many attempts it just doesn't read the microchip and now won't set to training mode as per the instructions so I now have a cat that can only go out and not get back inside. To say I'm frustrated is an understatement. I wish I had not bought this product!!!!!

03/06/18 | Mike Beddard


So pleased with this high quality product. easy to install biggest part being cutting the hole in the door. Programming was easy though my kitten was well behaved and took to it like a duck to water being offered dreamies!. She loves it and other cats dont get in l have seen them trying. Be great if they make a WIFI verion you can lock / unlock by using an App. 10/10 from me.

03/21/17 | Liz Newby

Just like Sureflap, only cheaper

Used to have a sureflap one at our old house but had to leave it when we moved and was recommended this one by a friend. Works just the same but a bit cheaper!


Lets all cats out unless locked

This cat flap is excellent value for money for someone who wants to keep unwanted cats out. Unfortunately, as a foster for a local cat rescue, I wanted a cat flap that would let my cats in and out at their leisure and keep the unregistered foster cats indoors and this does not meet my requirements in this respect.

10/01/16 | Tom P

Does the job

Does the job really well to keep out the annoying neighbour cat. I bought this to replace a standard Catmate cat flap in PVC - just needed a bit of extra cutting which was easy with a jigsaw. Following the advice is important to set it for your cat before fitting and use training mode for a few days. It took my cat a little while to get used to the slight tunnel from this cat flap and allowing him to get comfortable with this first and then the clicking of the microchip opening worked really well