07/29/22 | Ray

It doesnt need Quick Release!

Lots of comments giving lower ratings on the basis it doesn't have a quick release. In my opinion, it doesn't need a quick release as the collar is elastic. So if the collar got snagged, it would stretch, thus allowing the cat to escape. 5 Stars from me because the quick release collars kept disappearing, whereas this collar always comes back in situ on the cat.
05/24/22 | Toby

put on kittens ready to go outside

I thought they would try and remove them but they have been happily wearing them for a month. Well made and the bell rings to announce their arrival!
01/08/22 | Anneka

Longest lasting collar

Fantastic collars. Since they're stretchy if a cat gets caught they can just wriggle their way out. However, our cats have been wearing them about a year and they've never gotten them lost, whereas any other collar has lasted around a month before they've disappeared. We have to tighten them every now and again, but I had to do that with other collars too. My cats are happy with them and I am too.
09/23/19 | Tatiana

perfect in every way

We had this collar for a while and didn't realise just how fantastic it is! Came to a realisation once our cat has lost it and we tried to replace it with numerous others- literally no other collar we have tried would compare! And we have tried lots and lots! This collar is just perfect! Easy clipping mechanism, stretchy and comfortable, reflective enough, bell works exactly as intended! 5 stars and is absolutely best of the best! So happy we discovered it!
06/11/18 | Tanya Bryant

Great collars

I think the width of the collar is just about right! I like the fact that this collar is elastic and would only buy elastic collars for my five cats. Although the clasp is not quick release, I feel that if one of my cats got caught up, the collar would come off easily.

Disregard incorrect reviewers!

Other reviewers seem to be missing the point about this collar: since the whole thing is elastic, the clasp doesn't need to be quick release. The collar will stretch to slip off (I have seen it work). To the reviewer who complained the collar showed signs of damage, it is likely the cat's own rear claws from scratching, or brushing against twigs, etc. Since the fabric is soft, it does catch on sharp things but this is an acceptable trade-off for the only collar that seems to stay on safely.

Best collar we've found yet

Our boy forever loses quick release collars, so it's nice to have one that stays on more than a day. This one is fab. It is entirely made from stretchy elastic, so will (and has been witnessed to) pull over his head if need be. It stretches a loooong way when it needs to! As a result, we do still occasionally find we need to replace it, so keep a stock of them just in case. Love the fact it's reflective too as he's actually really quite stupid with traffic. Highly recommended.
06/18/17 | Jane Armstrong

Best collar ever

We bought these for our three cats, who were forever losing collars. A year later, and we are just now replacing them. Yes, maybe they aren't such quick release, but we have them on fairly loosely and if caught there is sufficient elasticity for them to slip out of them. Certainly the best collars we have ever used.

The only collar that stays on long enough to get dirty!

We have RFID tags on our cats and they are expensive. With every other collar we tried, they came off so often we once spent £70 in 1 month! This collar lasts and the elastic works well. Our bruiser boy got in a fight and it came off but not during normal frolicks and exploring. We now only very occasionally find that we have to replace - usually due to the elastic getting dirty or loosening, not due to overly-soft quick release clasps like before.
05/03/15 | Sara

Best collar yet

I have three cats, each very different in activity and intelligence! I used to spend all my time looking for lost collars because I wanted quick release. These collars are elasticated, so if the cat gets hooked up, they do stretch to release, without constantly falling off. Nice easy release catch to take off when needed, which stays put when on the cat.
12/18/14 | Sam

Still on after months

Having a black cat who likes to go outside and hunt wildlife a reflective collar was a must, unfortunately he is far too intelligent for the quick release collars and would lose them within hours. He seems to deal with the soft elastic collar really well and he's easy to spot in it, its starting to look a bit tatty now as he has had it on that long! time to order another.
09/01/14 | Camilla

Only quality reflective elastic collar I've found

Fully elastic, and really visible in low-light conditions. Ignore the previous review about the catch - this doesn't have a quick-release catch because the collar is fully elastic instead. As my cat can undo quick-release catches, this is much better. It does still come off if she catches it on something, but lasts months rather than days.
03/18/14 | Miko

The only collar that stays on

This is the only collar that stays on my cat for more than a week. We've had it for months and it is still there (hooray!). It is also very soft, unlike other reflective collars that are plastic-y. Definitely worth the extra money.

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