03/01/21 | Julia


Im pleased with this collar, this is he first one my cat doesnt seem too bothered by, only an occasional scratch and lick here and there. I‘d still be worried about her getting cought on something though and the reflection doesnt do much as it gets lost in her long coat but thats to be expected

08/16/20 | Sam

Good collar with a loud bell

Got this collar for my cat last December and it's good though has a few lose threads from when she scratches near it. The bell is very loud, much louder than the one on her old collar, but at least I always know where she is now!


good collar if you file down the clip to be quick release

I love this collar as it isn't constantly coming off and I can use a GPS tracker without losing it. However I would only use it if after filing the catch down to become quick release. Otherwise I feel that if a cat jumps from height and catches its collar it is in danger of hanging itself, elasticated collar or not.

08/30/17 | vicki

fab collar but cant give 5 stars at not quick release

very good quality but after about six months needs replacing as gets tatty. once it gets stretchy they get their leg through it, so beware of that.

12/02/15 | nta16

Good soft, elasticated collar

The catch is easy to use, the material soft, this is a good elasticated collar - it does need to be fitted well, as it will stretch, to avoid potential harm and hazard to your cat, our cat once returned with quite a long twig stuck in this collar which made me realise that it could have been another lost collar but also to regularly check the fit of the collar.



We've had this collar a long time now, and I'm still very satisfied. They are lightweight, flexible and light up in the dark.