12/09/21 | Donna

Lovely little house or tunnel

My cats love this. It's the second one they have had. Played the other one to death. They love it
11/29/21 | Christine Martin

Good but wasteful

It would be better if refill scratch pads were provided for these. With my 2 cats the scratch pad wears out but the box is intact. However, As I can’t find the right size of scratch mat, I’m forced to buy the whole thing each time.
11/23/21 | Christine


My 2 cats love this - we bought one last Christmas and the older one uses it daily the younger one had to wait so I’ll be getting another.
08/28/21 | Joy McFadyen

Cats love it even when it's falling down

I bought 2 of these 1 for me and 1 for my mum. I have male cats and my mum females. My cat tiger is loves to jump and it didn't take him long to jump on the roof ripping the holes where the clips hold it together. They can still get to the inside as it held its shape quite well but tiger still thinks the roof is his new bed. My mums cats can't get enough of it and will even argue for control of the inside if there's catnip in it but Carey has made it her home at all other times. A great buy
06/15/21 | Mary Fitzsimmons McGaw

My girls love these!

I bought 1 each for my cats and with minimal assembly they were ready and both Sok's and Moet were in. They are in constant use and thankfully are of a sturdy make. I put a pet blanket inside to cover the scratch board and they spend their sleep time inside. Such a simple idea which gives a lot of pleasure. I wish I had bought them sooner, its money well spent.
04/11/21 | Jackie

So cutte!!!!!

My cats love cardboard boxes, but I wrongly assumed they wouldn't bother with this one. They love it, the ingenious spraying of the catnip on the scratching post inside, draws them in and they complete to roll around in it. Looks more attractive than an old cardboard box. Fun and gorgeous, love the print on the side and it looks so much nicer in the home than a tatty old cardboard box.
01/18/18 | Kristina


Cats love it and I love it!
01/17/18 | Myra muir

Not for my cats

It honestly took me longer to assemble this than it took the cats to demolish it. It looks nice, is a great idea, but not for cats like mine, they are just a pair of vandals and jumped onto to house from the top of their cat tree thus the roof totally buckled. For a well behaved sedate normal cat this would be great but for my two yobs it didn't work.

Not for large cats

My two Norwegian forest kittens totally demolished it in under 10 minutes, it took me longer than that to assemble! The kittens are only just 6 months old so nowhere near full grown, but this house was unable to withstand them jumping on it. Possibly be better for a smaller more sedate cat than my two. On a plus side it looks lovely and had it survived I would have been quite happy to have it in the living room, at least it was cheap enough.

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