Not for Milo

I've been trying Milo on some higher quality foods as he came to us on Whiskas and he would always lick the jelly/gravy and not eat the meat. He wasn't keen on this - turned his nose up at it and almost ran away from his bowl, but I am sure lots of other cats will love it, it's just not for him! I think it's because the texture is quite dry and it doesn't break up so easily. It also really smells after a while!
12/06/21 | Ami

Terrible food

Gave my kitten and other cat diarrhoea
11/12/21 | Maryna

Kitty loves it.

I try to expand the flavour selection for my furry friend. She likes this food very much. I like that it has high meat content, the can is also very full.
08/03/21 | Karolina

Fussy kittens loves this!

It's really hard to find food which my kitten likes and ever since getting this, she's been eating more than before! 100% Recommend
03/22/21 | Bridget

Flatly refused it

Unfortunately, I bought 18 tins of this and neither kitten would eat more than a mouthful. Tried it on 3 separate occasions with the same results. Hopefully the cat rescue kittens I passed it on to will enjoy it!
03/17/21 | Laura

A really good test for your cat litter.

My 4 month old kitten loves his food, a true foodie but this gave him instant diarrhoea! His farts were really strong and lingering too. Never again!

Excellent food

My fussy kitty really loves this food, especially the chicken!

Wild Freedom Kitten

This food is amazing, I will definitely buy again. My kitty enjoyed this food


My 5 month old maine coon kitten LOVES this food. No toilet issues at all and I feel happier knowing I'm feeding her a high meat content, grain free food.

Complete grain free kitten food

My kitten loves this.

Questionable quality

My kitten (6 months) had diarrhoea every time he had this product. I tried a few times by feeding him other brands' to be certain it is the problem with this particular product. (Poor Tom, I am so sorry).
01/13/19 | Emma Taylor

Kitten loves this!

Our 7 month old kitten loves this and so does his big brother who keeps trying to steal it! You can see good chunks of meat in there and I like knowing it’s grain free. Happy cat!

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