04/08/22 | Donna

my cat didn't vote for brexit

neither did I, but we're having to try different foods because of unavailability of her favourite Cosma. She likes the two meet based varieties - bit of an upset tummy on the initial change, but that settled down after a couple of days. She doesn't like the fish one much - surprising on checking the ingredients that it actually has a lot of chicken, she will eat it mixed with a can of tuna.
03/11/22 | Charlie-Anne bradburn

Wild freedom adult mixed

My cats were on the kitten version of this, now on this. They love it. I like the variety pack as it gives them more of a varied diet, always an empty plate !
03/07/22 | Lindsay

Much Healthier for cats

My cat is really fussy to the point she would rather starve than eat what she does not find tasty! This cat food she eats, and the ingredients tell me it is way better for her albeit half appealing - I find it helps to put rest in airtight container if not used all at once as my cat is more likely to eat the rest this way. I have noticed that people give 5 star reviews for cat junk food with flavour enhancers/attractors, can’t understand why as they wreck cats health overtime & shorten life!
11/17/21 | jessy

I had high hope...but my cats hate it!

i was really hoping my cats love this as it comes win a large can and it is ideal for 3 cats, but they just don't want to even try! waste of money


My cats love this food. Always them cach when I start serving in plates, straight away runing to me and eating out plates so quick. 😂 Very good quality food.
08/28/21 | Jonathan

Our cats love this cat food.

When I fished this up for our cats the first flavour, I could see recognisable pieces of chicken. As soon as it went down our black and white was at it straight away, our white and black had a little taste, as she normally does with anything new, and then started wolfing it down too; this is high praise indeed from her as she is very fussy about what she eats. We’ve decided to switch both of them over to this on a permanent basis. Especially with all the issues around the big brand …

Waste of money.

My cats are not fussy eaters and usually wolf everything down. After a couple of bites of this stuff they all turned away and refused to eat it. Total waste on money.
01/13/21 | Deedee

Wild freedom cat wet food

��� This is the first time that my 3 cats Have tried the wild freedom wet cat food in all of the flavours and my cats can be fussy but all eaten up all of the flavours so had to up in a Andover order for some more thank you very much wild freedom and thank you to zooplus for getting great food for all of the worlds animals and for always giving a wonderful service
01/06/21 | Sharon

Not impressed

All 3 of my cats sniffed this and walked away! I didn’t think it looked or smelled very appetising. Will not be buying again.

Cats happy

I have 4 NFCs...I usually mix their tinned food in with their raw food as they can be a bit fussy if I dont and turn their fluffy little noses up at tinned on its own. This one they are happy to tuck into regardless.. Its a bit pricy against other brands but the consistency and texture are good and it goes further when mixed than some of the others do
12/07/19 | Lee

Our cat wouldn’t touch

We normally feed our Bengals Cosma Natural, but decided to give this ago. But they wouldn’t touch it. We gave them to a friend and their cat did eat it.
10/13/19 | Anna

My cat loves it

My cat is really fussy but she loves this food. No leaftovers!

A big hit!

All of my three cats loves this. Even the fussy one, who will usually eat only one kind of food, ate a good bit. It also has a good texture with meaty chunks, smells fresh, and looks nice.

Good but not a repeat buy

This is so similar to Granata pet in price and ingredients but my cat prefers the other brand. This one is a bit dry and she will only eat it if both water and kibble is added to it. Eaten on its own she will paw the food out of the bowl and eat slowly on the floor as if she doesn’t want to smell it. Good meat content but not a repeat buy for us.

My 3 all liked it

Makes a nice alternative to Catz and all of them gobbled it down. Looks meaty - a bit like corned beef - will buy again
03/12/18 | Evelyn

My cat loved it

It's a soft pate style food. My cat quickly cleaned his bowl and because he's a piglet he'd probably have eaten even more if I'd offered it. Will definitely be getting again to add to our food rotation
03/12/18 | Natalie Jones

My Cats Adore It!

I'm always wary of buying new foods for my cats, especially when it's on the dearer side, but I thought I'd give this a try and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed. Both of my cats absolutely wolf it down! The only flavour they don't like (hate, actually) is the fish one, but all of the others they absolutely adore and empty their bowls in minutes. It's very high in protein and you can see big chunks of chicken amongst it which is always a good sign. I will be buying this again!

My cat didn't like this food.

I thought I would try this food with my cat. Unfortuantely my cat won't even go near the food. My cat didn't like this food at all which is a shame.

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