03/10/22 | Aleksandra


My Shadow absolutely love it ! Shadow has some gastrointestinal problems but he's alright with this food and he really likes it so I'm happy that his diet it's not so boring anyone :)
03/05/22 | Amber

My cat is obsessed

I had been searching for a higher protein content cat food after learning how full of fillers some of the supermarket brands are. I switched my cat from Whiskas wet food to Wild Freedom and the difference in her coat was insane; not to mention how much more excited she is about this food. So glad I found it, and it’s affordable which makes it perfect for me.
06/28/21 | Ilona Zawadzka

Excellent.Can full of solid food not like other ones half of gelly and liquids

I have swapped my cat's diet to wet and dry Wild Freedom food in one day not gradually.No hassle,no upset stomach.Cans are filled with solid food not like other ones half of gelly and liquids.There are accually pieces of real chicken meat in it, smells like humans can of ham. Ingredients are the best I have seen so far and along with no grain and gluten this food is pact in vitamins and all right nutrition if believe what they have written on a label.What most important my cat loves it.👍👍
08/12/20 | Jemima

Quality issue

My cats have been on the food for over a year now and has been fine untill the last 5 months or so, the quality is worse each time I order some of the meat is becoming very fatty and grey were they wernt originally quite disappointed and will be switching brands
04/19/20 | Kasia


I heard so many good opinions about this food and decided to give it a try. My cats finished only two cans and didn’t want to touch the rest. Food even if wet looks a bit dry.
01/30/20 | Oran Kennedy

Cats cant get enough of this

After trialing a lot of different brands we have been using Wild Freedom for about a year now. The cats love it! The ingredients look very good, cats have a lovely coat and never any left over. The amount of jelly does vary between batches I order but not enough to put me off and it seems to have reduced a lot recently. Highly recommended and will continue using for our 2 cats.
05/23/19 | Jaya

Think I found the best brand

This brand is amazing. The tins are full of meat and I know it's quality because I can tell from the look of my cat's poop and it's smell (i.e. it doesn't smell....gross I know). Tibo loves it. To be fair, he'll eat anything so can't really say much about how it tastes to fussier cats. Definitely give it a try. By the way, I was feeding him Bozita before, but I think this is better.
04/26/19 | Kirsten

Gone downhill

This used to be brilliant and my cats loved it. Last two batches I’ve bought though, so 48 cans of food over two months, the meat is smaller, often tough to cut and the jelly is a rank, oily liquid that spills everywhere as soon I open the can. I don’t know who to contact to flag these quality issues but if this next batch is the same, I’ll be looking for a replacement.

Was good...

My fur babies love this food but the recent batches have been a total disappointment. Almost 1/3 of each 400g can has been jelly, where before it was mostly meat. Currently searching for a possible replacement.


When you own a dog or a cat, meat is super important. More meat in food will make it more expensive though, but you feed less. I can't afford to feed mine on this alone because I have quite a lot of animals, but I get a 75-80% meat dry food and mix in a spoonful of this to boost the meat content. I got the just chicken variety and it smells...just like chicken and they all eat it happily.
02/06/18 | Ginny Murphy

Big hit with my 3 fussy eaters

Recently switched my 3 cats to this and it's gone down well. It's high meat content - you can see pieces of meat in it and there are no grains or other nasties. It is a bit pricey but worth it to have a good quality food.

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