One happy kitty

My cat scoffed the lot and was very pleased with himself. No refusal on the first try and has eaten very happily ever since. Will be pleased to buy again.


So so happy with this product

My cat is very sensitive to whatever the big cheaper brands put in their food, he’s never satisfied when I feed him them, and obsessively asks for more food, honestly, he clucks like a crack addict, and becomes a real pain, constantly nagging and crying. I don’t know what they put in them, but it’s not anything good. From the first pouch of this, he was full, and happy to walk away from his bowl happy and satisfied. Couldn’t be happier.


Unliked by cats

I have 5 rescue cats, 2 of which are slightly overweight. I purchased the food to curb their appetite, sadly they both smelled the food and walked away. I tried with my other 3 cats and they turned their noses to the product too. I think I will continue purchasing RC satiety and RC Ultra Light wet/dry food, which the two larger cats tend to prefer.