04/18/22 | Donna

excellent replacement for out of stock Cosma

I have a happy cat who is leaving me empty dishes again - tried a few different foods when her normal Cosma brand is out of stock, The quality of this looks same, and she seems to like it just as much,


Cat loves it

Cats love this food, used as a supplement to increase protein for diabetic cat, a little starch in product but acceptable levels. I put some on top of the diabetic mushy food and he eats it. Winner! It does say it’s a complementary food so even though it contains taurine, not meant to be the sole food.

02/12/17 | Emma

Cat's favourite

pure shredded chicken breast, our cat adores this stuff, to the extent she will demand it and get the huff if she is served something different. the only problem we have is stopping her eating it too fast, her tail actually bristles with delight.


Sensible food but also a treat

My cat loves the plain chicken; it's her bedtime treat every night. It is what it says, just chicken, with the right added vitamins. I add a little extra water to the can after each servning so it picks up a chicken flavour--she always drinks that first!

02/04/15 | Joanne Leighton

Gone down a storm!

Thought I would try the Chicken & Rice one as I already feed my 3 Maine Coons the Porta 21 Sensible dry. As soon as I opened the tin they were VERY interested. Once in the bowl (took a while as 2 of them had their head in the way) they demolished it, one of them even growling with excitement while eating it, lol. Best buy some more :)

01/22/15 | Dee


I just opened my first tin of Porta 21 Sentitive (Chicken with Rice), and WOW!!! This food is AWESOME!!!! Longs strips of shredded chicken with rice. I thought there would be more "broth" (liquid) in the tin, but to my PLEASANT surprise it had just enough liquid to be moist. SOOOO happy with this food! My cats meow their heads off for this food! They absolutely LOVE it!!! (it was so fresh smelling and aromatic I probably could have made a sandwich out of it for myself! LOL!)

09/14/12 | Anne

the best cat food I've come across

My cats ADORE this food. They practically beg me to feed them (which gets a bit annoying after a while). But, once they've eaten, I get the sense they are satisfied and happy. It's very nutritious as well, so I'm a pleased cat owner. I like these big cans coz it is 4 servings for 2 cats, so I find it quite good value. I used to do some other large canned cat foods, and they would always go dry the next day in the fridge (covered with cling film) and my cats wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. They continued to beg as if I hadn't fed them. I'd always have to throw the old stuff out - thereby wasting a lot of food and money. But with this one, it stays moist and I never see any leftovers.

09/12/12 | Helen Baxter

Best priced pure chicken meat I can find

This is literally shredded white chicken meat. It says broth but it looks like water to me - but the tin seems full to the top with chicken so that's no complaint. My 2 kittens wolfed this down - definitely their favourite thing I have served them so far. Looks the same as cosma thai, applaws or waitrose tender and tempting but is cheaper than any of them. Cheapest to buy it from zooplus as 12x 400g tins.

12/22/10 | Brunhilde

Chicken with Aloe

My cat loves all of the flavors of Feline Porta 21. The chicken with aloe flavor is literally chicken, broth, and aloe jelly, plus the proper additives to make it a complete food (taurine, etc). It's a very non-offensive compound (doesn't look or smell nasty), which is a bonus. Would definitely recommend.

12/08/10 | Angela

fantastic product, excellent quality

I bought this product and was really surprised by the high quality of it and I had to write a review. My two cats loved it. The tin looks quite unassuming but the content is premium, it looks like the meat it's supposed to be, without any nasty ingredient added. Same high quality as Applaws. I tried (well, my cats did!) the Tuna and aloe vera and the chicken.

11/08/09 | Elisabeth

A real treat!

I was a bit wary at first since I've heard just about anything about cat food. I've only had my two cats for three weeks now but what I knew is that I didn't want to feed them "regular" cat food with all those derivatives. Applaws, Encore etc. are supplementary cat foods and I wanted a complete one. Then I found Feline Porta 21 while browsing zooplus.co.uk for other stuff and decided to give it a go with a 12 x 400g saver pack. That's the best thing I've ever done! My two cats absolutely love it, it's complete food, and given the feeding recommendations (1/3 - 1/2 tin a day for a 3 kg grown cat) is very good value for the outstanding quality. I've only tried the pure chicken so far, which is exactly what it says on the tin: pure chicken in broth. I'm not too sure about the tuna though. Tuna is not recommended for cats (risk of mercury poisoning).

03/07/09 | Sarah

Simply the best

Pure, shredded chicken breast. What's not to like?? Cats went mad for it - and although it's not the cheapest food, there is no waste so it is not extravagant. They woofed the first order so the acid test was to order in bulk which I did. They are steadily getting through it with the same acceptance as fresh chicken has. They also really like the tuna and crab which has great chunks of crab meat in it.

02/07/09 | Elisabeth Puggaard

Elisabeth puggaard

cat food please your feline porta 21,6x400

06/10/08 | Barbara


This food is the best treat you can offer your cats! My 7 (!) scoff it down like nothing else! The "pure chicken" variety is chicken strips in a little broth, the "chicken with aloe" is chicken strips in a loose jelly (the aloe) and the "sensitive" is chicken strips and white rice.

06/18/07 | Barbara

Real Chicken! TOP choice.

The "pure chicken meat" variety of this food is exactly that: strips of chicken in broth (very little, just to moisten the meat). The "sensitive" variety has a few big rice grains mixed with the strips, while the "chicken and aloe" comes in a jelly (aloe) which the cats are pleased to eat. My cats are crazy about this food, and the 400gr can is actually good value, considering the quality. Real top quality.

12/18/06 | Liz Falconer

Brilliant food

My four cats all love Porta 21 so it must be good as they are the fussiest cats I have ever had! It is good to feed them something which they enjoy but which is also free from artificial colourings and additives. Well done Zooplus for stocking it and for an excellent and friendly customer service!