11/26/20 | Dawid

Billy & Betty

My cats love MAC's

10/11/20 | Kinga

Very good quality cat food

my cat loves Mac's. prefers pouches because their consistency is wetter than cans

09/05/19 | Alvis

Went down well with the rescue and feral cats

Eight little rescue and feral cats came for their lunch to-day and left eight clean bowls behind, looking forward to more of the same from these pouches.

12/27/18 | CHRIS

Weaned off the dry stuff with this

I acquired a 2 year Cat that only ate biscuits and assured she had no interest in wet; I wasn't keen on her having a dry food diet only so used Mac's (meat) pouches initially enhanced with fortiflora but after a week, she now eats it on it's own. I also give her biscuits but only a few a day (mix of Orijen, Sanabelle dental and Royal Canin Bengal)

10/17/18 | Amber

Fussy cat

My fussy cat who has a sensitive stomach loves this food

08/26/18 | nta16

Good quality with plenty of varied meat content in each pouch

A good quality food with plenty of varied meat content in each pouch and free from the ingredients and additives that most other brands market and sell. The meat content is good as it includes the meat plus heart, liver, stomach and neck, giving a wider and more natural range of the animal meat protein source. MAC’s offer a good choice as a change and variety to Thrive Complete.