06/19/22 | Liz

Cats gone wild for this!

My cat is a drama king when it comes to wet food and always wants to change it up or just lick the sauce. Since I’ve given him this food he’s insatiable and won’t even give me time to put it in the bowl before he starts going for it. I hope his interest in it lasts!


A new favourite

I ordered the mixed pack of pouches as their usual Smilla sterilised pouches were out of stock and my two fussies loved them! They both cleaned their bowls so I've ordered a load more as they are on offer. They seemed a lot more expensive but the quality is excellent and I've just noticed that Smilla has gone up in price so not so much difference now. Great success!

04/16/17 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Top Quality, Tasty Food.

For a long time now, I've been purchasing this for my cats and also passed some onto my friends' cats as a taster (in order to obtain a broader consensus) and all agreed that it was devoured with relish - clean bowls all around! Notably, this food is as species-appropriate as is possible. No nasty ingredients (dirty meat, chemical additives). Made in Germany. High farm animal welfare rules. VERY IMPORTANT!!!

08/25/16 | Lucy Beaghen

Appreciated by the fuss pots!

My two cats (and stray) love this, they all have issues with grain so have happy tummies with this. It is quite aromatic but that's why they like it I guess, shows it's real!

03/25/16 | Lucky

Cat licked the bowl clean!

My nearly toothless fussy cat loved this! She is extremely fussy and likes her food smooshed! This is eay to mash and very very juicy. She finished the whole packet when normally she only eat half packet of sachet foid. Will buy this again.

03/17/16 | Iro

Four paws up

I ordered the mixed pack II - all the flavours were liked and appreciated. Clean bowls all around. This will definitely be a main product for me, I am happy with the quality and transparency of ingredients. Pricey but worth it. It is a pate but feels more moist than cans. This product might be a silver lining between cost and quality for pouches. Next time I am ordering the 24-pouch package!