New Recipe? Made Cat Ill

My cat has had Good As It Looks on and off for 3 years, but the latest delivery has given him diarrhoea after a couple of days so can’t feed it to him anymore. So disappointing when purchasing 80 pouches at a time!

09/25/21 | Keith Bigland

New recipe is causing diarrhoea

Dreadful stuff now. Since coming off Felix the trio are happier, more playful, stopped being sick/diarrhoea and putting weight on again. Purina don't want to know. I won't be buying their products again.

12/09/20 | Nicola

Not the same as supermarkets

This is not the same as I buy from my local supermarket. It looks as if it’s a German make with the writing and packaging. I now have a lot that my cats won’t eat

03/15/20 | Lesley Merritt

Cat refuses to eat it

My cat normally loves this food but for some reason she will not touch it. All I can think of is that it is brought and made in a different country and the taste is different to what is made in the UK. Total waste of money for me.