05/14/21 | originally published in zooplus.ro


My cats love these pouches, and they are quite whimsical, I tried all the brands on the market in terms of wet food. When it comes to dry food, we use a different brand. However, my little family also shares a daily sterilized concept for life pouch. I am very satisfied with the product, it smells good, it looks ok, optimal ingredients, the cats do not leave anything in the bowl.

11/15/20 | originally published in zooplus.ro

Very good

Very good, much appreciated by my cat

05/05/20 | originally published in zooplus.es

They love it

I have two sterilised cats and struggled to find the right food for one of them, but this brand is just right for them, the jelly and the gravy.

05/03/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr


Excellent - my cat loves these jelly pouches, although he makes a face when I put the gravy ones in front of him, in which case he makes do with just licking up the gravy

05/06/19 | Sara


Quality ingredients with NO sugar..our 2 Burmese love this, and the Beauty Version in Jelly. Not available in our local pet shops so a great find


My cat likes it!

I feed my cat varying brands so that she will hopefully get a good diet overall. I try to avoid anything with sugar or poor quality ingredients. As with most cats, there's occasionally a food she won't touch or is reluctant to eat, including some of the top quality 'natural' brands. But she immediately took to this (the 'Sterilised Cats - in Jelly' variant) and always eats it all.